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Ciel Birkin

poshcielbirkin.jpgThe theme for Hermes this year is “Travel”; in addition to gorgeously hued scarves, there are many new birkin colors.

One of the best colors of the year is called “Ciel”, a soft shade of sky blue (it means sky in French) with a hint of gray.  I love this color, it is so elegant and unassuming!   I saw it at the Madison boutique in a Lindy and was very very tempted. I refrained as I am holding out for a Violine lizard and Fuchsia ostrich (plus I already have 2 blue birkins– Blue Jean and Blue Brighton with one on the way in Lagon- and one really does not need 4 different blue Hermes bags, or does one?).

No big surprise that Posh has one already (she is the most dedicated of Hermes clients!). I am just wondering if Posh will ever stop buying birkins? Not that she should, just curious if she would.

What do you guys think?

Photo credit: Just Jared



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  1. I think she should stop at some point. When she hits 1,000 birkins? Then again if her husband doesn’t care and she can afford it she can buy whatever she wants.

  2. Is it strange for me to say that I’m bored with Birkins?

    After having seen so many on so many hands and elbows (real, inspired, or otherwise), I feel like I’m desensitized to the fabulousness that is, or was, the Birkin.

    There are so many other wonderful bags made by Hermès, and I feel as if no one is really taking full advantage of them. There’s something to be said about a single bag that is so coveted everyone wants it. And when so many people have it, it loses a bit of its luster.

    I’m not sure where I’m going with this thought, but I suppose that’s the jist of it.

  3. I totally agree. I no longer covet the birkin cos you seem to find it hanging off everybodys arms. You only have to go to a slightly more upmarket shopping area, hotel, restaurant etc and you can spot 5 within the space of a few minutes. Nevermind the myth of making 5 per day?! Hermes – bring back the exclusivity of the birkin please!!

  4. Tina

    I would be interested in your thoughts on the above, I do agree when in New York, LA and London Birkins do seem to be one a penny. Ok it isn’t quite so bad as the gucci epedemic but they are clearly not as difficult to aquire as they lead us to believe?!

    I do have to say all 4 blues are completly different so why not…but if your after a Violine and Fushia I suppose you have to leave some behind!(I thought you where wanting a viloine croc) is the Oistrich Fushia a special order now?

    You so need to post your collection and Kelly’s, has the lady you met in NY, I think, still adding to her collection!

    Despite seeing them on more and more arms I am still an addict am hoping for a colour possibly this year, but London stores are so difficult to deal with, do you know what new colours they have other than ceil?


  5. For myself there would never be enough Hermes bags in all styles and colors. Also I think (depending on where you live compared to where i live) for every 1 Hermes I see the next 2 are fake.

  6. I see them in Beverly Hills, Dallas and NYC most often. But it’s not as prevalent as you think. As tonja said, for every one you see- there are 2 fakes. I don’t only buy birkins, I buy kelly bags, Lindy bags and other Hermes bags. I love Hermes for its quality– that will never change for me!

  7. Tina

    I was just in the madison ave store and saw the same lindy in ciel. It was BEAUTIFUL!!! My SA pointed it out to be and I almost had to beg her NOT to take it out of the case and show me, since otherwise I knew I would be walking out the door with it!

  8. “and one really does not need 4 different blue Hermes bags, or does one?” If Posh does, why can’t you? You’re more fabulous. Besides how many black handbags do you (and everyone else)own? Do we ever get bored with another black handbag?

    Colour is the spice of life, it uplifts, it brightens and it can change your mood. So why not?!


  9. You can never have too many Birkins. But if Posh were smarter, she would own Hermes stock, not so much their handbags.

    However, I am a woman who craves variety, so if I have 1,000 Birkins, I would feel I have achieved nothing. Same shape different colour is just not enough for me. Design drives fashion, so bags must look different all the time.

  10. tina i agree. i’ve always wanted a tan 25cm ostrich birkin!

    too bad i will have to wait until my birthday :[

    my favorite these days is my balenciaga giant arena bag :]

    gay and rich = FABO!

  11. I just bought my first Birkin last month. I now want more, but will have to wait. The beauty of the bag is unmatched by any other brand. I still look at the bag and LOVE IT!!!

  12. Tina, i was offered the same one by SA a month or two back but like you, decided against it as I already have a blue jean, bleu deprusse and a blue brighton birkin. I also saw ciel in kellys and lindys when I was in Cannes.

    While I still (and will always) LOVE Hermes bags (i also collect kellys and other styles by Hermes), I am not as enamored with them as much as when I first started to collect them.

    I can’t help think that if I am slightly jaded at this stage, Posh must be way past super jaded stage……

    Comments on bags in the last few years, designer bags have arbitrarily risen in cost as have shoe prices and real estate…now that real estate has fallen (for example, top nyc condos has fallen from $6000 to $3000/sq ft), i can’t help but wonder if the shoe will drop, as well as bag prices (they must since some companies are in chapter or close to it)…..that said, I think Hermes will always retain its value.

  13. New colours for this spring are soleil – a very sunny yellow as the name suggests; ciel – sky blue; there is also a grass green which I forget the name of and an earthy orangey colour which I also forget the name of – sorry, wasn’t paying attention to my SA as my interest was mainly in soleil! Soleil is such a happy and sunny yellow – just what we need dangling off our arms during hard economic times!

  14. To be honest I see that the quality of Hermes bags has gone down over the years. Recently I’ve had handles splitting, the insides of the bags made rather more messily when it comes to the sealing and the list goes on. I wonder if it is due to volumes increasing which has resulted in less attention to detail at the QC end. As for birkin spotting if you stay in The Four Seasons in HK you will see a menage of birkins, including loads of crocs and ostrich ones, overwhemingly in HK you will see birkins rather than any other branded bag, all real as well! They are no longer hard to get, particularly in these economic times.

  15. Just bought the Ciel Birkin and adore it! Timeless elegance. Buy what you love, enjoy it and live life each day…and with a Birkin it is just more fun!