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Earth Day Snob: Reuse Your Bag Quiz #4




In efforts to celebrate and promote the idea behind Earth Day this month, we are doing some major giveaways on eco-friendly products.

Envirosax is a company that produces chic, fashionable, and trendy reusable shopping bags that are great for the environment. We will be giving away the Candy Bag #2 which is part of the Candy Series inspired by Italian designer Emilio Pucci!

To win do something nice for the environment and identify this Mommy to be who is working on an all organic and eco friendly nursery. Put your answer and what you did for the earth in the comments by Tuesday April 21st at 11:59pm EST. One entry per person please. One winner will be chosen amongst all correct answers using a random computer drawing.

We will be doing Earth Day Giveaways until Earth Day on April 22nd.

40 thoughts on “Earth Day Snob: Reuse Your Bag Quiz #4

  1. Halle Berry

    I unplug unused electronics.

  2. Anonymous on said:

    Halle Berry

    I turn my computer and TV off at the serge protector, so no little lights eating energy.

  3. Halle Berry.

    I use recycled papers for printing and bring my Eco-bag for shopping.

  4. Melissa on said:

    Halle Berry

    Recycle, re-use, use cloth grocery bags, buy local produce when I can

  5. christy on said:

    halle berry

  6. Halle Berry – I reduce, reuse and recycle … and teach my young’uns to do the same :-)

  7. Halle Berry. I recycle newspapers and magazines.

  8. Halle Berry!

    I’m an eco-friendly girl by cutting up the plastic rings that hold my canned sodas together before putting them in the trash–this helps prevent fish and small animals from getting stuck in them and choking. :( The soda cans are recycled too, of course.

  9. christine on said:

    Halle Berry!!

    And i ride my bike to work now.

  10. Halle Berry!

    I only use Melaleuca cleaning products, they’re non-toxic, organic and earth friendly!

  11. Shrinidhi Rai on said:

    Halle Berry

    I carpool to work

  12. halle berry

    i use reusable bags when i go to the store

  13. Halle Berry

    I use a Sigg Water Bottle instead of buying bottled water.

  14. Halle Berry

    I unplug my laptop if I am not using it.

  15. Halle Berry! I recycle all plastic/paper/aluminum and I turn off lights as I leave the room. My roomie and I also try to avoid running the AC as much as possible by opening windows!

  16. Halle Berry

    We take cloth bags to the grocery and any extra bags we get we use as doggie poop bags and/or leave the extras at the park for other doggie owners.

  17. Halle Berry. I ride my bike to my classes.

  18. Halle Berry.

    I recycle everything that can be recycled.

  19. Halle Berry!

    Take my recycled bag to the grocery store!!

  20. Candice on said:

    Halle Berry.

    I drive bio diesel and use re-usuable grocery bags and when I shop I use one large bag for all my purchases instead of a bunch of little ones :)

  21. Theresa on said:

    Halle Berry. I pay my bills electronically instead of requesting paper statements.

  22. Halle Berry.

    I recycle all of my boxes, bottles ect Also I pay bills electronically and try to carpool to work as much as possible.

  23. Halle Berry-I pay bills electronically and turn off computer when not in use.

  24. Halle Berry.

    I carry reuseable bags to the market.

  25. Well that is Halle Berry…I use reusable bags at the grocery store, planted my own garden, and went vegetarian.

  26. herblady on said:

    Halle Berry

    I bought a new compost bin for the kitchen scraps.

  27. Halle Berry.

    I use public transit and cloth shopping bags. I also unplug my electronic devices when they are not in use.

  28. Halle Berry, and I stopped buying water bottles and just use real glasses (what a concept!) plus a nalgene bottle for when i’m on the go.

  29. Halle Berry!

    I unplug things when I’m not using them.

  30. Halle Berry!

    Our appliances are plugged into power strips so we can easily turn them off when they are not in use.

  31. Halle Berry!

    I recycle my paper, glass and plastic items.

  32. sunchicka on said:

    Halle Berry

    I carry a water bottle. And maximize my recyling habits.

  33. Halle Berry!

    I recycle paper and plastic, carry around a water bottle, and use reusable bags for groceries

  34. carolyn on said:

    halle berry

    i have a timer in the shower to make sure to keep water usage down

  35. carolyn on said:

    halle berry

    i have a timer in the shower to make sure not to waste water

  36. Halle Berry

  37. Michelle on said:

    Halle Berry! :) I bring a reusable bag everytime I go shopping, AND I gave my friends reuasble bags as Christmas gifts! 😀

  38. Joshuana on said:

    Halle Berry

  39. Halle Berry

    I stopped all paper bills (whenever possible) and just access my bills and pay them online

  40. Halle Berry

    We recycle and recently started a compost for kitchen scraps.

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