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Earth Day Snob: Reuse Your Bag Quiz #1




In efforts to celebrate and promote the idea behind Earth Day this month, we are doing some major giveaways on eco-friendly products.

Envirosax is a company that produces chic, fashionable, and trendy reusable shopping bags that are great for the environment. We will be giving away the Candy Bag #2 which is part of the Candy Series inspired by Italian designer Emilio Pucci!

To win do something nice for the environment and identify this eco-friendly star who sits on the board of the Natural Resources Defense Council and Global Green USA? Put your answer and what you did for the earth in the comments by Friday April 17th at 11:59pm EST. One entry per person please. One winner will be chosen amongst all correct answers using a random computer drawing.

We will be doing Earth Day Giveaways until Earth Day on April 22nd.


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  1. Leonardo DiCaprio. Because the weather is nice I am walking to campus from my apartment for all my classes. I am a bit away from school, but instead of driving i usually take the bus, which is more environment-friendly, but have upgraded to walking.

  2. Leonardo DiCaprio. yum. My family will be planting a garden to feed ourselves and neighbors. Some plants just produce a lot in one year and just right in another.

    We also recycle, as well as taking items that our county does not recycle to a corporate office that does. EX #5 plastic is taken by Whole Foods. Disney takes Styrofoam. ‘

    We mulch so our yard needs less water – saves us money.

    We also wrapped our water heater saving fuel = again save money.

    Many ways to be Green save you the Green.

  3. Leonardo DiCaprio

    I recycle and have convinced my family and coworkers too as well. I use a Sigg water bottle and unplug unused electronics.

  4. leonardo dicaprio. as for the environment, i have made the switch from plastic shopping bags to reusable cloth bags; sort and recycle everything that i can each week; and i’ve recently begun a new spring garden filled with herbs, flowers and shrubs!

  5. Oh and I became a vegan for the earth (sorry missed the earth part at first). Supporting factory farming creates more pollution than your car or the energy you use in your house ever could.

  6. Leonardo DiCaprio

    I only use aluminum water bottles and a water pitcher with filter. I also have a garbage composter as well as a garberator in my kitchen which cuts the amount of waste down to 1/3rd the normal amount..I couldnt live without it!

  7. It’s Leonardo DiCaprio!

    I help the Earth by using exclusively public transportation and walking. And in West Los Angeles, that is QUITE the feat.

  8. Leonardo DiCaprio! 🙂

    I moved into the city (so I wouldn’t have to drive and create pollution!) and became vegan (the meat industry causes more pollution than cars!)

  9. Leonardo DiCaprio. I have started making my own coffee in a reusable travel mug, instead of buying a new cup every morning and tossing it in the garbage. I am also recycling all of the newspaper and boxes I used moving, rather than leaving them at the curb for the trash pickup.

  10. Leonardo DiCaprio

    I use mugs at work for water and coffee instead of the many hundreds of paper cups that everyone else goes through!

  11. It is Leonardo DiCaprio!

    I use my own mug instead of paper/plastic cups whenever possible and I carry my own re-useable tote (instead of using plastic bags) at the supermarket to carry my groceries.

  12. Leonardo DiCaprio-I take my own bags when I shop and walk and cycle instead of drive.Recycle much more than I use to.

  13. Leo DiCaprio! I eat at my desk 4 days out of the week (saves money) and always use my own flatware and dishes and cloth napkins! I’ve been a fan of the reusable bags since ever since they came out. I keep them in the back seat of my car!

  14. Leonardo DiCaprio!

    I live in Manhattan, so public transportation is already a must, but this May will mark my one-year anniversary of doing my own composting, which is a trick in a 450 square-foot studio apartment. I have this little sealable metal canister that I keep under the sink and take down to the Union Square Compost Bin about once a week. All my food scraps then get composted and put to good use as fertilizer!

  15. Leonardo DiCaprio

    I recycle, compost, use non-toxic cleaning supplies, buy local produce and carry reusable bag for shopping 🙂

  16. It’s Leonardo DiCaprio. Stuff I do for the Earth are: Recycle (paper, plastic, aluminum, glass), carpool and/or take public transportation, use electricity and water only whenever needed, and use reusable totes for grocery-shopping…among many others! 🙂

  17. Leonardo DiCaprio. Earth Day here in my house means, less electricity, we usually plant a new tree or shrub in our backyard too.

  18. Leonardo DiCaprio

    We recycle everyday, air dry clothes instead of using the dryer, reuse things till they fall apart, and we do not buy merchandise like crazi.

  19. Leonardo DiCaprio. I don’t buy water in individual plastic water bottles. I buy a large jug and refill bottles.