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Easy, Breezy California Style


splendidjerseycardigan.jpgI’m going home to LA next week- yay!!! I will visit my little brother and his new baby girl, my niece. Finally- a girl I can spoil!   Oh, and I’ll be working, too. I have a photo shoot and a party to attend (yup we call parties “work”!).  I am a lot more casual (and comfortable) when I’m back in LA.  I am in jeans and little tops with a cardigan or shrunken blazer– it’s sorta the uniform with my friends and I.  This photo of Katherine Heigl looking breezy and beautiful actually reminds me of all of my LA girlfriends (all of whom I can’t wait to see!).

Love the look of a soft blouse with a cardigan and faded jeans– so effortless and so chic! Fifteen Twenty has the best floaty tops– pair with jeans, leggings, skinny pants or short shorts, you’ll look like a California girl, too!  At Jane’s Closet (the pink one is on sale and so mine!) Also at Shop Robertson!

I have this cardigan from Splendid in 2 colors, it’s so easy to throw on! Splendid Very Light Jersey Draped Cardigan here



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  1. T—This is how you will find me most of the time as well!

    LOVE cardi’s–I also have this splendid version–SO soft- love! (you can take me out of LA-but you cant take LA out of me–hehe) SO getting this blouse!!


  2. I know, right? I want to sleep in the Splendid cardis, so soft!!! And yes, can not take the LA out of the girl, lol


  3. That’s why we have such similar taste, it’s the LA thing. I have lived in Chicago for 12 years, but I will always be a n LA girl!!! Love Splendid cradis, I think I have them in every color. My 3.5yo daughter is obsessed with Slendid dresses and leggings, they are so soft. I live in jeans/tops and little cardis/blazers/leather jackets as well.

    I am getting that little blouse in pink and white, so cute.


  4. Please tell me where you can scoop the fabulous pink version that Katherine Heigl is wearing I have an obsession with Cardis at the moment actually when I was in LA I picked up a few cuties at Club Monaco……this shop does great little cardis at very good prices even if you only wear them a few times…they are just so cute!


  5. Lottie, Try—you must get one in any color. they are great–you will want them in every color–good luck!


  6. Does anyone know exactly who makes the pink cardigan she is wearing? it looks like it might be cashmere. I love it!