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Nuti Gitana Ostrich Tote


Nuti’s PR office in Milan sent me this image today and I just had to share!  What a genius use of all parts of the ostrich! The quills are most popular of course and most widely used but the ostrich leg (very sturdy) is receiving a lot of love lately from designers looking for an unique addition to their bags. The Nuti Gitana tote in bougainville (a lovely shade of violet purple) is the perfect example of how to showcase the ostrich leg without looking cheap; it is in perfect proportion to the bag and doesn’t look pieced together haphazardly.  The Gitana is 3,050 euro (roughly $4,239) I’m waiting to hear the US boutiques who currently carry this but meanwhile– Get your Nuti fix here! (Jump for close up details!)


See how the legs are in perfect symmetry? It’s such a great way to show off the scale like details on the ostrich leg without disrupting the supple lines of the ostrich bag.


The stitching on the side keeps the bag in its rounded shape while holding the slouchiness the bag demands.



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  1. The Nuti ostrich bag is not that great. I suggest going to Nuti’s website and reading more about it. There are far better ostrich bags out there.

  2. I do not think this is a brand new design. I have seen this bag at Neiman Marcus San Francisco and Beverly Hills. The color is divine but I am not a big fan for shiny ostrich.

  3. So… did we determine that this was the amazing bag Gisele was rocking a few posts ago? At quick glance it certainly looks possible. I’m not wild about this in purple… but the ostrich and attention to detail are impressive.

    Funny, I was never (ever) a hobo bag girl until recently. Being a new mom you learn to appreciate the simplicity of the single strap and anything that can be easily worn over the shoulder – but still look completely fabulous.

  4. This is from Fall/Winter 2009 and is available at Neiman marcus/Bergdorf, you might even get it at a discount 😉

    Lotti- Nuti is a bag company out of Italy and known for its ultra luxe and soft ostrich skins! xoxo