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Shea Terra Organics – Fights Violence and Poverty!

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Shea Terra Organics introduces 2 new organic lip butters, the Shea Propolis Organic Shea Lip Butter and the Menthe Orange Organic Shea Lip Butter. The extraordinary quality of these products in not only in its effectiveness but in what is achieved by you buying them. The ingredients used in these lip balms are from self empowering projects in Africa who aid women and children living below the poverty level. The honey and beeswax used are from a project that supports an effort in Uganda that teaches women beekeeping skills to sustain their own economy and lives. The wild plum and tsamma melon oils used are from a Namibian project that supports over four thousand gatherers and farmers and helps families send their children to school. The Shea Propolis Organic Shea Lip Butter, $4, is a super strength lip balm for cracked lips and helps to protect against cold and sun. The Menthe Orange Organic Shea Lip Butter is a minty lip balm that soothes your dry lips and gives you long lasting fresh breath. How great is that? I bought both by the dozens, not only to help the cause but I can totally benefit from them! I hate chewing gum so the Menthe is perfect and my lips get so dry and cracked they start bleeding, which the Propolis balm would be great for. Angelina Jolie is a huge fan!



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  1. Hello,

    After drinking some wild plum juice in Namibia, I was searching the internet for them. Your website came up, and though i know this is a shot in the dark, would you happen to know the botanical name of the plum used in Shea Terra Organics products? I have written them but to no avail.

    Please write back.

    Kind regards,