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Snob Quiz Giveaway! Rebecca Minkoff Crush Stud Bag! Ends tonight!


April is Giveaway month because we have thousands of dollars of fabulous bags, shoes, and beauty products to give away (we want to relieve you of Tax stress!)! Rebecca Minkoff is sponsoring our latest giveaway with her super cool Crush studded mini bag in black with gold studs ($295 value). What I would have given for this bag when I was a young hip girl about town in LA in the 90s! I’m embarassed to share this but there were very few nights that I stayed in– with parties and clubs happening 24/7 how could a young girl refuse? Anyhoo, enough reminiscing of days gone by– let’s get you this Crush bag (I made the quiz super easy because, well, I’m just in a really good mood today).

To win– Tell me the name of the celeb rocking another fab Rebecca Minkoff bag, the Supernova Stud Devote Hobo.

Leave your answer in comments!  US residents only please.  Quiz will end on Friday April 10th at midnight and winner picked via random drawing.

image via Popsugar.

301 thoughts on “Snob Quiz Giveaway! Rebecca Minkoff Crush Stud Bag! Ends tonight!

  1. Saneeya on said:

    Whitney Port

  2. lauren on said:

    Lindsay Lohan!!

    Love the bag :)

  3. WhitneyPort

  4. Whitney Port!!

  5. Whitney Port!

  6. whitney port from the hills!

  7. gwendy on said:

    Whitney Port…Let me win just this one….

  8. Anonymous on said:

    whitney Port<33

  9. Joan Cusack on said:

    Whitney Port

  10. That’s Whitney Port.

  11. Whitney Port!!

  12. Whitney Port from The City

  13. neslee on said:

    Whitney Port

  14. WHITNEY PORT!! love her and LOVE that bag!

  15. alexandra on said:

    Whitney Port!!! I am dying for this bag!!

  16. WHITNEY PORT!! love her and loooove that bag

  17. theresa on said:

    Whitney Port

  18. Kate W. on said:

    Whitney Port

  19. It’s Whitney Port! I love how she’s mixing the delicate shirt with the rock star studded bag!

  20. Whitney Port!

  21. whitney port! =]

  22. Kimmie on said:

    Whitney Port

  23. Whitney Port

  24. Natalie on said:

    Whitney Port

  25. Whitney Port

  26. Whitney Port

  27. Whitney Port for sure!

  28. Michelle on said:

    Whitney Port from The City

  29. Deanna on said:

    Whitney Port!

  30. Whitney Port! I love that bag! Perfect for my upcoming trip!

  31. Whitney Port

  32. Whitney Port! I love the bag! Perfect for my upcoming trip!

  33. That’s Whitney Port from The Hills (well, now The City!), right?

  34. Ahhh I commented but I don’t think it went through! If this is a repost though, I’m sorry.

    Anyways, above is Whitney Port from The Hills (now The City!), right?

  35. Mirna Dominguez on said:

    That’s Whitney Port from the City!

  36. whitney port!

  37. Whitney Port

  38. whitney port from mtv shows the city and the hills

  39. pepper on said:

    whitney port?

  40. Whitney Port

  41. Nicole on said:

    Whitney Port, from Mtv’s the City and the Hills

  42. alexandra on said:

    Definitely Whitney Port!

  43. Whitney Port

  44. whitney port from the city

  45. Nicole Penaranda on said:

    whitney port.

  46. Michelle on said:

    Whitney Port from The City

  47. Michelle Kirst on said:

    I’m trying for the third time to comment and submit my entry…..I don’t know why, but for some reason I always have this problem with every giveaway Bag Snob has….

    Whitney Port…

  48. Whitney Port

  49. Carolyn on said:

    Whitney Port from the Hills and the City.

  50. shannon on said:

    whitney port

  51. Erin Grossman on said:

    Whitney Port!

  52. Whitney Port

  53. Witney Port

  54. Lady Jane on said:

    She is The City star, Whitney Port. She looks so well put together with this gorgeous bag and the Delcolette jeweled legging. I want it (the bag that is, since I have the legging)!

  55. Whitney Port. My teenage daughter, Emily, would love this bag!!!

  56. Whitney Port

  57. Caitlin on said:

    Duh, Whitney Port!

  58. Whitney Port

  59. Patricia on said:

    Whitney Port

  60. Caroline on said:

    Whitney Port – cute bag!

  61. courtney on said:

    Whitney Port

  62. Whitney Port.

    LOVE the bag!

  63. veedee on said:

    Whitney Port!

  64. Samantha on said:

    Whitney Port

  65. Patricia on said:

    Whitney Port

  66. Carolina on said:

    Whitney Port

  67. Carolina on said:

    Whitney Port

  68. Whitney Port!

  69. Whitney Port

  70. Jennifer on said:

    Whitney Port

  71. Whitney Port!

  72. Pornphon on said:

    Whitney Port

  73. Whitney Port

  74. veronica on said:

    Whitney Port

  75. Shareen on said:

    Whitney Port!

    I hope I hope I hope I win. 😀

  76. Whitney Port

  77. flerida on said:

    whitney port!

  78. Shrinidhi Rai on said:

    Whitney Port

  79. whitney port

  80. Whitney Port on said:


  81. michelle on said:

    Whitney Port

  82. It’s Whitney Port! And Jay is actually with her in those shots…guess they’re back together?

  83. Jasmin on said:

    It’s Whitney Port

  84. Andrea on said:

    Whitney Port

  85. christine on said:

    Whitney Port!!

  86. It’s Whitney Port!

  87. Whitney Port! <3

  88. It is Whitney Port!

  89. Whitney Port

  90. Pursesnickety on said:

    Whitney Port…and I just got my bag hook in the mail, what a handy little device! : )

  91. Sharon on said:

    Whitney Port-awesome bag!

  92. Cecilia on said:

    Whitney Port

  93. Carrie on said:

    Whitney Port-I heart Rebecca Minkoff!

  94. Whitney Port

  95. meghan on said:

    Whitney Port!

  96. Whitney Port. Love her.

  97. whitney port

  98. jacquelyn on said:

    whitney port

  99. P. Tajcher on said:

    Whitney Port

  100. Whitney Port. The bag is awesome!

  101. Whitney Port

  102. coachwife6 on said:

    Whitney Port

  103. Whitney Port. Cute bag!

  104. whitney port

  105. Whitney Port!

  106. monalisa on said:

    Whitney port – but I still love the bag.

  107. Crystal on said:

    Whitney Port

  108. michelle on said:

    whitney port

  109. Whitney Port from the Hills

  110. vikauz on said:

    Whitney Port

  111. Yvonne on said:

    whitney port

  112. C. Zhang on said:

    Whitney Port!

  113. Whitney Port

  114. Whitney Port!

  115. lulilu on said:

    Very cool! Whitney Port

  116. Bonnie on said:

    Whitney Port

  117. Johanna on said:

    Whitney Port

  118. Whitney Port

  119. Whitney Port

  120. Shereen on said:

    Whitney Port.

  121. Whitney Port – love the bag!

  122. whitney Port

  123. Whitney Port

  124. Candice on said:

    Whitney Port from The City!!…gorgeous bag…sigh…

  125. Georgina on said:

    Whitney Port!!!

  126. Whitney Port!

  127. sunchicka on said:

    Whitney Port! Watch out girl…fab bag

  128. Jasmine on said:

    whitney port it is!

  129. Janine on said:

    Yep, that’s Whitney Port! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  130. Janine Brotzman on said:

    I don’t know why my comment didn’t go through?

    Anyhow, yep that’s Whitney Port! Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  131. Whitney Port

  132. Whitney Port

  133. Joanna on said:

    Definitely Whitney Port!

  134. Hi,

    It is Whitney Port…

  135. Whitney Port

  136. kathemc on said:

    whitney port, natch!

  137. Miss Whitney Port from The Hills and The City

  138. it’s whitney port!! i can tell from her mouth lol

  139. Whitney Port!

  140. A. Ozair on said:

    Whitney port

  141. Whitney Port

  142. That’s Whitney Port!

  143. Carolyn on said:

    whitney port

  144. That is Whitney Port

  145. Whitney Port in NYC!!!

  146. Whitney Port! Cute!

  147. Whitney Port

  148. Whitney Port

  149. Maureen Chang on said:

    Whitney Port

  150. Whitney Port!

  151. Tamika Wilks on said:

    Whitney Port is pictured w/the bag

  152. Whitney Port

  153. Whitney Port

  154. Lauren Conrad has one, too…

  155. Whitney Port

  156. sandra on said:

    whitney port

  157. laurie damrose on said:

    Thts my girl!Whitney Port from The City!

  158. Vanessa S on said:

    Whitney Port.

  159. Whitney port!!

  160. jessica Hertzog on said:

    whitney port

  161. Whitney Port. Both bags are great.

  162. Whitney Port

  163. marlene schmitt on said:

    Great bag worn by Whitney Port

  164. Whitney Port

  165. Meredith on said:

    Whitney Port

  166. Yoonmee on said:

    Whitney Port!

  167. KELLY SCHNEIDER on said:


  168. Kelly Schneider on said:

    Whitney Port of the show “THE CITY!!” She is aka lauren conrad’s friend who left LA and moved to the big apple to worr for DVF!!!! SOOO JEALOUS.

  169. Sherry B. on said:

    Whitney Port

  170. Aurelia on said:

    Whitney Port!!!

  171. Janine Stafford on said:

    whitney Port-LOve love this bag

  172. Dorothhy on said:

    Whitney Port :0)

  173. Whitney Port from the show The City

  174. Whitney Port.

  175. Valerie on said:

    Whitney Port of course :o)

  176. Jenna Mazzillo on said:

    Whitney Port from The City!

  177. Ronald B on said:

    Whitney Port. what a great bag.

  178. Susan B on said:

    Whitney Port

  179. Whitney Port

  180. teenagewitch on said:

    Whitney Port.

  181. shannon w on said:

    Whitney Port:)

  182. Deborah on said:

    Whitney Port

  183. stephanie on said:

    Whitney Port!

  184. The celebrity that is rocking the fabulous Rebecca Minkoff bag is Whitney Port. Whom I just happen to adore, I love her style and I think she is such a sweetheart! Thanks for the great contest!

  185. Christina on said:

    Whitney Port. hee hee.

  186. herblady on said:

    Whitney Port!

  187. Debbie on said:

    Whitney Port

  188. divnanata on said:

    Whitney Port! (I hope?!)

  189. Claire L on said:

    Whitney Port

  190. Whitney Port

  191. Kristen on said:

    Whitney Port

  192. Sylmari on said:

    Whitney Port for sure!

  193. Diana B. on said:

    I’m going to be different and say Alicia Silverstone. I don’t think I’ll win anyway. :)

  194. gracieo on said:

    Yep Whitney Port…her lips give it away. :o)

    good luck everyone

  195. Marissa on said:

    Whitney Port, luv the bag!!!!!!!!!!

  196. Whitney Port is rocking that fantabulous bag.

  197. temi b rox on said:

    Whitney Port from the hills and the city!

  198. Whitney Port

  199. kimberlyc on said:



  200. Lauren on said:

    Whitney Port!!

  201. Lauren on said:

    Whitney Port!

  202. jeff nach on said:

    whitney port!!!!!

  203. whitney port!

  204. Shawna on said:

    Whitney Port

  205. Whitney Port

  206. whitney port from the city!

  207. Whitney Port

  208. whitney port from the city!

  209. whitney port

  210. Jenelle Phillip on said:

    Whitney Port! I love this bag : )

  211. Fatima on said:

    Whitney Port….what a great giveaway!

  212. Ummm, I’ll go with WHITNEY PORT.

  213. Whitney Port… what a wonderful, one-of-a-kind bag!!

  214. christina on said:

    Whitney Port from The Hills

  215. Harry Avery on said:

    Whitney Port Duh!

  216. Whitney Port

  217. Rochelle K on said:

    Whitney Port – Lucky girl – Hope I’m lucky too!

  218. Whitney Port

  219. CMoore on said:

    Whitney port

  220. I think it is unanimous! It is Whitney Port from The Hills & The City.

  221. alyssa on said:

    whitney port.

  222. whitney port, the hair!

  223. Whitney Port! Great bag!

  224. Whitney Port, love the bag!

  225. whitney port

  226. Debra Wolfe on said:

    Whitney Port

  227. shweta on said:

    whitney port

  228. elaine on said:

    whitney port!

  229. Alicia on said:

    It’s Whitney Port.

    Fun contest, thank you Bag Snobs!

  230. Tawanna on said:

    Whitney Port

  231. Whitney Port

  232. whitney port. she is too cute!

  233. Whitney Port




    Simply known as “Whitney”


  234. Whitney Port

  235. Whitney Port!!

    (This is the first time I’ve been able to submit an entry for a giveaway as I’m visiting the US from abroad!! Please pick me!! :) )

  236. miss city whitney port. i will rock the crush the best!

  237. Whitney port

  238. Rosanna on said:

    It’s whitney port. Here’s another picture with her in it

  239. Oh, I finally know this one.. Whitney Port.

  240. Oh, I finally know this one.. Whitney Port.

  241. Oh, I finally know this one.. Whitney Port.


  243. Whitney Port =)

  244. Oh miss Port. Miss Whitney

  245. christina on said:

    whitney port from The City

  246. Whitney Eve Port :) The middle name just made it seem so much fancier.

  247. Whitney Eve Port :) The middle name just made it seem so much fancier.

  248. Whitney Port!

  249. Cinthia on said:

    whitney port

  250. yep, that’s gotta be whitney – no one else has posture like that :)

  251. Whitney Port!!

  252. Katie R on said:

    Whitney Port



  255. Jacqueline on said:

    Whitney Port

  256. Elizabeth K. on said:

    Hi Snobs,

    It’s Whitney from the Hills/City!

  257. Whitney Port

  258. Preeti Reddy on said:

    Whitney Port

  259. Lillian Goodman on said:

    Whitney Port!!

  260. whitney port!

  261. Whitney Port

  262. gigilogan on said:

    Whitney Port, obvs.

  263. Whitney Port

  264. Sara Siward on said:

    Whitney Port

  265. Whitney Port!

  266. Whitney Port

  267. Whitney Port!

  268. whitney port!

  269. Whitney Port. Great bag.

  270. Anonymous on said:

    Whitney Port

  271. Michelle Patterson on said:

    Whitney Port

  272. Michelle Patterson on said:

    Whitney Port

  273. Anna Garris on said:

    Whitney Port from the Hills and the City

  274. Jennifer Woosley on said:

    Whitney Port

  275. Kim Yabut on said:

    Whitney Port from the City!

  276. Whitney Port

  277. Whitney Port

  278. Whitney Port, of course!

    What a GREAT bag! I love this bag SO MUCH!

  279. This is Whitney Port and she is sporting the SWEETEST bag ever!!! I want this bag girl. I need a new bag SO bad. I’m drooling over this one.

  280. This is Whitney Port and she is sporting the SWEETEST bag ever!!! I want this bag, girl. I need a new bag SO bad. I am drooling over this one. I LOVE IT!!!

  281. Whitney Port

  282. Barbara Davidson on said:

    whitney port from the city!!

  283. That’s whitney port from the hills!

  284. Whitney Port

  285. Whitney Port

  286. fabiana on said:

    lauren conrad!!

  287. Elisabeth on said:

    Whitney Port from The Hills

  288. Whitney Port from “The Hills” 2006 L.A. now in NYC starring in “The City”…GREAT bag!!

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