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Mom Snob Quickie: Aroma Sensor Logic Rice Cooker


You are good at multi-tasking so why shouldn’t your appliance be as well? I am all for the type of cooking that does not require me to stand over and watch it cook. Yeah, we all are! Like baking, crock pot and now this rice cooker / steamer! The Aroma Sensor rice cooker comes with a steam basket that fits over the rice pot so you can cook other things along with the rice. And it is not just rice you can make, you can do soups, stews and pasta sauces as well. Or if you don’t want to cook rice at all, you can just use it as a steamer. Breathe a sigh of relief for convenience! Oh yeah. Here is what I have tried, chicken and vegetables on the steamer while the rice is cooking, not only is it an easy one step process but the rice absorbs all the yummy juices from the meat so you get super flavored rice! And healthy!! You can also steam fish but I do not recommend cooking rice at the same time when doing that. The rice will get fishy and yucky. If you are doing pasta sauce, I recommend using cut up link sausages or pre-made meatballs instead of raw ground meats because you will not be able to stir it while it is cooking. But just throw in all the ingredients and start it up. For soup, because it is full of liquid, any type of raw meats you add will be perfectly fine. Make sure you only cook with liquid in the pot, it will burn and overheat if you have only dry ingredients. This has been quite the time saver and is now a must have for my kitchen! At Aroma ARC-940SB 10-Cup Cool Touch Rice Cooker, Stainless for $48.75.


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