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Brian Atwood on sale at Saks


Daphne $1195.00 Sale $835.90, Jacklyn $1225.00Sale $856.90, Mattie $1660.00Sale $1161.90

We do not like this time of the year– it’s when bags of the current season have been played out (and on verge of sale) but the bags of the next season have not arrived. We actually slip into a coma from bag boredom until the next wave of new bags bring us back to life (so forgive us if we are a bit blah lately). Don’t get me wrong, we love sales– it’s just that we have been staring at the same ole’ same ol’e…. Here are a few Brian Atwood clutches I’ve been looking at all season.  The Mattie in white with gold accent is especially appealing.  White bags with gold hardware always brings to mind the beaches of Capri where tanned women abound with white dresses and gold bangles.  I can’t wait to go on summer holiday!  Check out Brian Atwood Handbags on sale here

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2 thoughts on “Brian Atwood on sale at Saks”

  1. LOL, I am with you on bag boredom. Everything looks the same to me right now. these clutches are still expensive even on sale.


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