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Celeb Fave: emerginC

emerginc.jpgemerginc 1.jpgemerginc 2.jpg

I’ve been hearing about various celebrities — Jennifer Aniston, Halle Berry, Nicky Hilton — all using products from this mysterious line called emerginC where vitamins are actually visible in the bottle! After some digging I found-out that emerginC was launched in 1996 with their signature vitamin C serum ($75). Now, just a few years later, they’ve got a whole line of active, advanced cosmeceutical products and professional treatments that they’re claiming deliver rapid, visible results for all skin types. I’m totally fascinated by this line — kinda of in the same way I was by all those crazy-fun mascaras that were making waves last year. I’m intrigued by two of their products in particular — the vitaminc C serum which targets fine lines and crows feet around the eye area and the d-red daytime emulsion ($69.50), which targets red-prone skin (I grew-up thinking I had rosacia because I always had such red cheeks!). I’m a little nervous to try them though — products described as having medical and cosmeceutical-grade ingredients always scare me especially because I’m still young and my face isn’t caked with wrinkles. That said Nicky Hilton is around my age so who knows, maybe I’ll be adventurous and give ’em a whirl.


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