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Earth Day Snob: Elemental Herbology Quiz #1

Congratulations Deborah of NC for being our Quiz #1 winner!



To celebrate and promote the idea behind Earth Day this month, we are doing major giveaways on beauty products that are eco-friendly, which is good for Mother Earth and really good for your face!

Elemental Herbology uses all natural and organic ingredients but is effective. And everything smells so good!! We are giving away the Biodynamic Facial Souffle worth $102. It is a intense hydrating mask for overexposed skin, perfect for the summer. Also the Cool and Clear Facial Cleanser, worth $61, a gentle cleanser that is free of soap and fragrance, but amazing for washing away dirt and congestion to prevent acne, again perfect for the summer with all that sunscreen on your face. The total giveaway prize is $163! Thank you Elemental Herbology for sponsoring!!

To win, do something nice for the earth today and answer: Who is this lovely environmentally conscious star often seen riding her bike? Put your answer and what you did for the earth in comments by Sunday April 12th at 11:59pm EST. One entry per person please. We will choose one winner among all correct answers using a random computer drawing.

We will be doing Earth Day Giveaways everyday starting today until Earth Day on April 22nd.



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  1. I may be wrong, but Scarlet Johnanson? I recycle even though we don’t have curbside pick-up. I haul it into town every week. I also turn off all the lights whenever not needed.

  2. Looks like Jessica Alba. These products sound great!

    And I just washed a load of cloth diapers for the earth today. And cleaned the sink with baking soda and vinegar.

  3. Jessica Alba! I try to drive only when absolutely necessary. I also use environmentally friendly products as well as natural skincare when possible. =)

  4. Why that earth conscious diva is none other than the lovely Jessica Alba!!! I love that she’s riding a bike too!

  5. Looks like Jessica Alba. We recycle cans and use reusable bags instead of pastic. We are also planning on planting some trees once the weather is nicer.

  6. Jessica Alba

    We installed water filter at home. Everyone in the family have a water canteen with built-in filter/ionizer so we never buy bottled water even when we are out.

  7. Jessica Alba. In my daya to day life I try to be as conscious as possible about energy concumption – switching off the car, lighst etc when not reqd, carrying my own shoppings bags and refusing plastic, recycling paper, turning my kitcehn garbage into manue and planting a tree on my birthday.

  8. This is Jessica Alba. I use only organic & natural items to clean my apartment: Dr Bronners soap, vinegar, baking soda, lemons, and salt. Saves the air and saves money!

  9. Jessica Alba. We only use energy efficient bulbs in our home. We also use natural cleaning products when we clean our house.

  10. You can help save the earth by not purchasing plastic bottled water, purchase paper bottled water instead. The new paper boxes degrade very quickly, the plastic bottles can remain for a very very long time. Also the plastic bottles tend to introduce carcinogens into the water. Drinking alkaline water however can aleviate both of these problems: