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Flea Bag, Way Beyond the Fleamarket


fleabag.jpgRemember the “I’m not a plastic bag” craze? Of course you did =) Well, get ready for the next storm to hit. The Flea Bag rage is gathering strength at the celebrity level and you will be seeing, hearing and buying a lot of this as editorial continues to flood worldwide. The original design was intended for the flea market, thus the name, to fit all your purchases while shopping. What makes it timely is the eco-conscious part, it is not vegan but the leather uses vegetable dye, the canvas is all organic hemp and cotton and the ink on the print is water based. There is nothing toxic, not even glue! And they are handmade in New York so you are also supporting the dying fashion manufacturing there. Essential for the summer for beach, on the road and weekend getaways. Or if you love flea markets and farmers markets, use it for what it was intended and avoid all those plastic bags! It is pretty big, 16″ x 16″ at its widest. Comes in white, pebble, saddle and coffee bean leather trim. At Luxcouture for $395 I also saw it in orange, which is fab, at WWD.

UPDATE: Already the demand is out of control on these bags and the designers have raised the price to $415. Hope you got one while you could at $395!!



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  1. i could never stand the reusable tote bags, so bla bla bla whatever. this flea bag has a much more ingenious design. but then again, i’m such a big fan of frame top designs, so i’m a bit partial, heh.

  2. Agreed – I’m not paying 415$ for an eco-friendly canvas tote bag. I can sink that amount on a used designer bag on EBay – reusing is just as eco-friendly.