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Marc by Marc Jacobs Lil’ Riz bag: Snob or Slob?


I was excited to find a bag under $500 to report to you guys, this is probably the most requested price point from our readers but so difficult to find good bags at this range! The Lil’ Riz bag from Marc by Marc Jacobs has the cute round shape reminiscent of the whimsical Miu Miu Coffer (remember that bag? I still love it!) in yummy summer colors.  Perfect for the warmer season, right?  WRONG!  Look at that giant logo plaque!  What was he thinking?  Has he gone logo ‘loco’ in his old age or is he brainwashed after all the years at LV?!?!   The Marc Jacobs I loved in the ’90s was an anti logo rebel talent~ this looks like something Coach would design.  But at least Coach would only charge $200 for it.  If you can get past the awful name plate– it’s $430 at

14 thoughts on “Marc by Marc Jacobs Lil’ Riz bag: Snob or Slob?

  1. ugh! you are so right!! the name plate is rough… such a cute bag…what a shame!

  2. Serena on said:


    Ruined by that tag!

  3. It is not the name plate; it is the bag that is ugly as… MJ `designs´just don´t appeal to me at all.

  4. debbie on said:

    I like his designs, but will be danged if I will be a walking advertisement for any designer. Logo plate ruins this bag!

  5. agree! Seems to me that today’s MJ is just a logo obsessed, money grabbing attention seeker.

  6. This bag is still super cute, in my opinion. It would be better w/o the name plate, but I could deal!

  7. Lesley on said:

    Slob overall! My friend actually just got a MJ bag as a graduation gift to herself..I would’ve chosen Kooba or something at that price point.

  8. Rachel on said:

    Looks like a knock off already. Ick.

  9. Puss of Scandinavia on said:

    The bag is OK, more or less, but the logo plaque spoils it all.

  10. Megan P on said:

    Slob. There is nothing special about this bag. Without the tacky nameplate, I would have believed it if someone told me it was designed by Coach or even Banana Republic or somesuch.

  11. I actually kind of like it, yes-the logo is a bit gaudy for my liking…but past that-the bag looks good! I LOVE bags that have 2 straps and the shoulder strap is cute the way its twisted a little. Plus, like all of MJ’s other bags, I could already feel the softness of the leather!

  12. I like it, logo plate and all but I love Marc by Marc Jacobs handbags. Most people I know think they are expensive but you know, different strokes. I hate the LV logo bags so a name plate is fine by me.

  13. Alessandra on said:

    COMPLETELY Slob: that tag!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Whitney on said:

    I love the shape of the bag, the colors, and the twisted handle, but I also HATE the logo. I’m wondering what the back of the bag looks like – if the front and the back are otherwise identical, would it be possible to wear it with the logo facing in?

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