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M0851 Saddle Bag – Fall 2009

m0851_FALL 2009_saddlebag.jpg

I have been buying M0851 for years now even though they are not the most hip and stylish bags out there but they are so incredibly practical and lightweight! Well, it looks they’ve heard their customers grievances and have put all their efforts into design. This saddle bag in all serious honesty is one of the BEST buys you will ever make. First of all, the price cannot be beat for something that you will use for many many years (my first M0851 was bought 10 years ago and it still shows up on my arms). It is $260 and looks like a $4700 Loro Piana. OK, the leather is not the same but I want to say that this is better, did I mention it is super lightweight? It is very thin leather and not lined (but surprisingly sturdy) so it does not have the lush leather of a $4700 bag but when you plan on cramming your entire life in a bag, you will forgo the expensive heavy bag and go to this. Every time (unless of course you have a live in porter). The straps, the oversize front pocket with double tab closures, the subtle contrasting colors, the structured slouchy-ness – just perfect! All I can say is, thank you for listening to our bitching to make cuter bags. Mission accomplished. Available for $260 at their Soho boutique on Wooster, 212 431 3069. Check the M0851 online store soon for the Fall collection (not yet up).



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  1. Wow, that tote bag is so industrial, tough chic. When I first saw it for some reason, I thought immediately of Proenza Schouler PS1 bag. I’d love to check it out in person. Too bad it’s only avail in NY? 🙁

  2. I could not resist and ordered this bag on Saturday. I am thinking that I will be the only person in Texas with it!