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Mom Snob: Meet Kelly Cutrone, CEO People’s Revolution

kellycutroneandava2.jpgFashion entrepreneur, Reality TV Star (of The Hills and The City with her own show, Kell on Earth coming next Fall), and a woman who not only knows her mind, she speaks it, daily.  Kelly Cutrone is best known as the tough as nails CEO of PR, Marketing and Branding firm People’s Revolution (with clients ranging from Vivienne Westwood to Sass and Bide) but when it comes to the light of her life, daughter Ava, she is soft and adoring.  What other high profile career mom makes the time to shuttle 21 kids to American Girl on a Friday night!?!?  Not one for live in nannies, Kelly is hands on and proud of example she is setting for her 6 year old.

Read on to find out how Kelly balances life as a busy mom and fashion entrepreneur!

1. What do you want for Mother’s Day?

I want every child on this earth to know the love of a mother

2. What is your most cherished Mommy moment?  Everytime Ava says, I love you mommy

3. How do you balance work and family life?

I work and live in the same building, I do not have a live in or weekend nanny so I can spend more time exclusively with my daughter, we take wonderful memorable vacations, go the to country house on the weekends – you just do it – sometimes one wins over the other – but it all works out!  (Jump for more!)

4. Mornings are tough for moms. Do you have any tips or advice on how

to look put together with no time to spare?  Luckily my look is not about being put together – I wear no make up and

wear my hair pulled back – my advice is love yourself as you are and less is more.

5. Do you have efficient and tantrum free travel ideas?

gadgets, toys or treats?

Nintendo DS Lite and chamomille tea.

6. Most working moms experience mommy

guilt. How do you cope and find mental balance?  

I refuse to feel guilty for being a positive and independent role model for

my daughter who manifests enough money to provide her with a wonderful

life in Soho.  She has a private school education which is like a dream and a

wonderful, stimulating and honest environment – children watch everything

and I like and support what I am showing my daughter.

7. How do you

pamper yourself after a long week?  Truth is sometimes I do not – but I love massages.

8. Best Mother’s Day

memory?  Having brunch with my mom and my daughter – three generations is so


9. What do you think is important to teach your child?  That she is loved forever no matter what.  Honesty, kindness and a true

understanding of this world.

10. What is the most important lesson you

learned from your own mother?  The love of your family is the most important thing and that there are

rich people who are miserable and poor people who are richly happy.



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  1. didn’t she put the prostitute front row at some fashion show? I recall reading it on another blog. Nice read, I like her brashness

  2. I think it’s great you are featuring women who aren’t cut from the same type of social mode as everyone else. Single mothers have to work harder as they don’t have the support of a spouse at home. I’ve long been an admirer of Ms. Cutrone and can’t wait to watch her new show, thanks for the interview.

  3. kelly is super fierce.i luv luv luv her work attitude vs her family attitude i think you are an excellent mom. and hell of a fashion show producer. i own my own floral and event design company and i learn so much from watching her show. i would luv to do what you do. it is not easy at all from what i can see. but i luv a crazy work enviorment and i luv tedious work as well. in a very weird way i luv to work for others more so then working for myself. beside owing my floral business i also work for 9 nite clubs so long days and nites are just something i am used to. i work hard . i have this need to take care of others. and since my father passed 5 years ago and sister who just recently passed 2 weeks ago i try and give my mom the world. you made a comment about not thinking of your life except for the day your in and the now and i have totally adopted that now thankyou. things happen as they should and having positive energy around you is super important. i luv making jewlry i use as many crystals and semi precious stones and swarovski as possible. plz plz plz dont think i wrote this looking for work from you. i wont lie but i would in a minute. the only reason i wrote all the info about myself is because ive learned alot from watching your show so keep doing what your doing cause not only do you do it well . but you teach alot of people alot of things.i do think some of yor interns need some common sense which some lack so it will be interesting to se who makes it and who doesnt. well i have went on long enough i know your busy . thanks for all of the help with so many things. thxs again have a blessed day. sincerely mikey r from nj