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Private Sleeping Bungalow


Move over bunk beds, and every other bed for that matter! This bungalow sleeping room is pretty much the most amazing thing I have ever seen and really really makes me want to be a kid again so I can sanely put this in my house and sleep in it. This is like your fantasy tree house/playhouse/bedroom all in one! It even has a real stair case instead of a plain rickety ladder. And if you’re like me and worry about your tot falling off the top bunk, well, problem solved with walls and shuttered windows. The details are absolutely insane, a real tiled roof, planter in front of the window, picket fence detail on the bottom, drawers in the stairs – just awesome! I have no idea how much this is but I am going to ask my contractor to price this out! Designed by Ron Wilson of Ike Kligerman Barkley and featured in the Architectural Digest.



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  1. how much is this i am looking for something likle this im a kid but how much do you think it would be with just the top of it not the bunk bed the house roof i have a bunk bed but could there be away to add the foof on it without the whole bottom please ask cuzz it look aaaaaaallllllllsssssssssooooooooommmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeee

  2. Where do you find design plans to build this, my husband can build it, but he would like to see more views and inside

  3. My Dad and I are thinking about making this for my bed haha im almost 18 but im inlove with it do you think someone could email me the blueprints for it?
    the bottom bunk is going to be like a little room for my computer and yea 🙂 would be great

  4. Or If you don’t buy this anywhere, is there any blueprints or anything for it? I think this would be brilliant to have and I really would like to build it! 🙂