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Stella McCartney Gem Embellished Clutch- DIY under $100


I appreciate Stella McCartney‘s stance against the use of leather in fashion and I like her designs but sometimes the prices are just a bit… high. Take this gem embellished champagne twill clutch for example– it’s very cutsey (and not my cup of tea) but I’m sure many of you will find it appealing, especially with Prom season coming up. But if you are shopping for a prom clutch for yourself or your daughter, I doubt you’ll want to shell out a grand for it. So here are some options for you to DIY.  Start with this J. Furmani champagne colored satin clutch (11″ wide) for $31.50 and add a few crystal flower pins on it ($15.95 each). For under $100 you’ll have a similar look plus you can choose the colors to coordinate with your gown.

Of course some of our bag snobs may want the Stella version– here it is for $995 at  What do you think?  DIY or go for the Stella?



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    You can probably buy a very inexpensive satin clutch at TJ Maxx/Marshalls/Winners, etc., especially the minor banged up ones (go to the customer services and ask them to knock off a few bucks!! If the scuffs are not bad you can cover w/ the gems!) for under $20. Then head to Michael’s or even Wal-Mart, buy a glue gun and a whole pile of faux gems (in little plastic bags) for another $10 or so. Voila!

    Did I mention you can glue the gems on 1-SIDE-ONLY so they won’t catch the frilly lacy dresses most girls wear? 😀

  2. Tina, This is another reason I love your website/ are so on target and practical and tell it like it is! This bag reminds of one I bought years I ago from Chinatown for $10! I still have that bag and will have my 8 year old daughter stick some gems on it as an art project:)

    Im sure we will see some celebrity friend of Stella McCarthy carrying this out (but Im sure will have gotten it for free:) Ping

  3. Ah that’s hilarious, the purseforum blog recommended this as a mother’s day present, I was wondering where I had seen it before!

  4. PB bloggers are all very young no wonder they’d pick this as a mother’s day gift!

    The snobs are experiencef bag experts =)