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Stella McCartney Wool Zebra Clutch


I find the wool zebra clutch from Stella McCartney quite interesting– the subtly pleated clutch with gold tone hardware has a very lady like vibe until you open it and see the black vinyl and chain detail– pure rock rebel! Yes, Stella is the daughter of a Beatle and has been known to produce overpriced plastic bags but don’t hold that against her. She’s actually a talented designer and credited for bringing Chloe back to life (Phoebe Philo was her protegee and took over after she left the brand). Of course during those days she used leather and fur. Nowadays she is very creative with her vegan line; the use of wool in a zebra print is beautiful and a nice alternative to satin or leather for evening. I wouldn’t advocate its use for summer, however, as the website does. The last thing I want to do in 90 degree weather is clutch a wool bag! I’d save this for the Fall and wear it with an array of cashmeres and knits– it’s 20cm wide which is a generous size for a clutch and will be great for luncheons, too. The price is not too ridiculous though it’s not cheap– Stella McCartney Wool Zebra clutch $515 at

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  1. it’s cute but expensive. i have always liked her but lately she’s gone too vegan for me, fashion should be fashionable.

  2. Fashion SHOULD be conscious of our impact on the environment. We only have one planet, right? And it’s our children, and their children, who will suffer for our selfishness. At least Stella’s trying, and I think that should be applauded.

  3. I think it’s cute, but I’m confused. I thought vegans used no animal products at all, to include wool and silk. Any vegans out there that can help me out?

  4. Stella’s designs get attention because of her father and her celebrity friends. If her father wasn’t a Beetle, really, would she have gotten so far on her mediocre designs? When she graduated from design school the press was there what other Saint Martins grad has the press at their graduation? I’m still sticking with the Kaiser on his assessment of her talents.

  5. vegan diets, yes, usually consist of no animal products/by products, but I would think that vegan designer would be allowed to use animal by-products that don’t even kill or hurt an animal. A world full of pleather bags is probably not any better on the environment imo.

  6. The styling and materials don’t appeal to me. I’m always disappointed to see higher end designers use pleather. It makes their product and brand look cheap. The Stella brand is part of the Gucci group. This bag is probably mass produced in China. Is Stella even involved anymore?

  7. Just to set things straight, I have a very close friend that works for Stella in London.

    Stella is personally very involved in her line and neither shoes nor bags are produced in China. Everything is still produced (hand made) in Italy with Italian materials, hence the higher prices. If you manage to see some of her accessories you will see the quality of the crafmanship.

    You might like them or not; taste is very personal. 🙂

  8. Beatle, Beetle, nothing changes she is a mediocre designer who received a tremendous boost having a famous father.