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Bébé Sounds Angelcare Movement And Sound Monitor


The summer stork population now doubt will be bringing lots of bundles of joy to your window soon and it has got me thinking about essential nursery must haves (just watched UP, there is a short film on storks that was super cute). The most important thing you will buy is the monitor, in my opinion. This is what will give you the peace of mind to lay your head down and get the much needed rest. But you can properly rest when you are tense with nerves. I used the BébéSounds Angelcare Monitor for both my tots and have not had any problems with them, in fact, I am always surprised when I go to someone’s house who is still using monitors with the constant static sound. This monitor is totally quiet and emit clear and pure sounds that only your baby makes (or whoever else is in there of course!). That means you can keep them on 24/7, you never have to think about it. There are 2 units, one for your room and the other for the living room. It also comes with the movement sensor that you place below the mattress. This is great for the first few months when you are still nervous about everything and just want to make sure everything is absolutely fine while she sleeps. It does become obsolete by 4-6 months but for that period of ease and assurance, it is well worth it. The only annoying thing with the sensor is, you have to remember to turn it off when you go to pick up your baby or the alarm will go off. That is mainly why I stopped using at around 4 months. That’s also when the risk of SIDS starts to go down (the risk is substantially lowered at 6 months). If you are in the market for a monitor, I highly highly recommend this, you will sleep that much better and that is better than gold! At Amazon for $110.



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  1. I used this with my son until he was 2 years old! It was the best investment, ever! The only time the alarm ever sounded was when he climbed up the side of the crib and hung on it for a few minutes. I was able to grab him before he made the jump!