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Bizarre Snob Bag of the day: Alexander McQueen glove clutch

mcqueengloveclutch.jpgThis clutch is so weird it’s kind of cool.  McQueen must have been cold the day he designed this and thought of a stylish way for us to keep our hand warm while holding a clutch.  The glove is removable (updated, the SA I called told me it was not) so you can leave it on or off depending how edgy you feel that day.

Say what you will but this is definitely a conversation piece and you’ll be noticed wherever you go!  What do you think? 
Alexander McQueen glove clutch $895 here

The minute I saw it I thought of the uber stylish 17 year old Jane Aldridge who blogs at Sea of Shoes.  I am obsessed with her blog– it’s hard to believe she is only a teen with that insane sense of style! icon



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  1. This bag is desinged for a “look”; worn by a particular girl on a particular night.

    I can see Amber Rose in a tight neon mini dress rocking this bag….just long enough for the paps to get a few good shots that is; the glove I suppose is meant for such quickie occasions. I cant imagine anyone actually running around in that thing for long periods of time….a bit costumey for prolonged wear.

  2. i’m just confused as to why the bag is made for the right hand when generally one shakes hands and such with the right hand…

  3. A bag for a certain look I think, can’t wait to hear back on your meeting, can see her with this clutch!


    P.S. Don’t know if Tina or anyone else can help me, ages ago Tina I think did a post of a photgraph that Heidi the guest blogger i think has in her office of Kate Moss, I have looked for it on all the snob blogs but cannot find it?! Any tips how to find it?

  4. Hi Lottie

    The photograph of Kate Moss was by Mary McCartney and may be purchased through Goss Gallery– (214) 696-0555

    Ask for Felipe and tell him Bag Snob sent you 🙂

  5. You seriously should think about starting a personal snob shopping service….you have an SA everywhere!! Thanks for the quick reply, will be certain to mention you gave me there details! 😉


  6. That’s what I thought when I saw it but when I called I was told it was not detachable… will confirm again. Thanks for hte tip!

  7. Hideous bag. Also Jane Aldridge is a very fouled mouthed spoiled brat from the few times a have read her blog how could a 17 year old possibley afford the quantity and quality of her closet.

  8. Jane and her mother are pretty brilliant. They have the formula down. Mixing high end accessories and ebay and goodwill finds.

  9. Insane amount of style?

    Yeah right.

    You mean insane amount of money, that girl is a white bread brat with no sense style.