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Father’s Day Treats

My father would never set foot in a department store — let alone Sephora (yes, my mother still does ALL of his shopping for him…!), but give him a shave kit, some body wash — even a rejuvenating face cream and he’ll gladly lather it on. I imagine that most people have the same problem that I have which is that my dad pretty much has everything he needs/wants so come these special occasions I’m usually at a loss. One thing is for sure, my dad has a high-stress career and deserves some pampering and that’s one thing I can take care of. So in addition to booking a massage at Bliss for him, there are a number of fabulous beauty finds I’ve been sorting through. For starters there’s The Art of Shaving The 4 Elements of the Perfect Shave Starter Kit ($25). Has anyone been to an Art of Shaving store? There’s one right by my apartment. The store is chic and the staff is incredibly helpful. I highly recommend checking-out it if you can, otherwise Sephora has a nice selection as well. Jump for more!


Besides The Art of Shaving, there’s also Hommage — true luxury shaving. They’ve got a number of high-end shave sets including the limited edition Monaco Shave Set which comes with a durable, non-tarnishing, polished chrome finish and in a gift box accompanied by 3 inserts that can transform the box for home use into a men’s watch box, accessory box or humidor. Unfortunately for my dad I don’t think I’ll be shelling-out four figures and up for a shave set. For more affordable finds, Jack Black’s On The Road Travel Pack ($58) is stocked with everything a dad could need for a weekend Hamptons, MV, or Nantucket getaway. For dad’s with a good sense of humor Lush delivers with an endless array of options including Daddyo Shampoo ($8.75), a bunch of new vanilla buys including Vanilla Delight Body Lotion (for serious vanilla lovers only — this one smells very strong, much to the delight of those of us who love vanilla), and Shave the Planet Shaving Cream ($14.95). My favorite Father’s Day finds however are those from elizabethW. How I wish there was an elizabethW boutique in NYC! There line is absolutely divine and if you order anything from their website it will come exquisitely wrapped. My favorite pick for Father’s Day is their Twilight Kit ($75) which contains a silk and linen lavender liner to tuck under a pillow, a silk eye pillow filled with flax seed and lavender, and a CD with classical piano recordings. The real gem in this kit is the silk eye pillow which is AMAZING (it can also be purchased on its own for $20).



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  1. “I imagine that most people have the same problem that I have which is that my dad pretty much has everything he needs/wants so come these special occasions I’m usually at a loss.”

    You could not have said it better! But this is a great idea, I’m loving the Twilight pick as well, if that city includes Debussy I am totally game. The Jack Black travel kit is one of my picks as well.

  2. My dad loves the Shave line from Dermalogica. I think he’d die if they ever discontinued his Pre-Shave Guard product. Hehe.

  3. Hello everyone,

    Those products are great, I adore ‘Lush’ products too. I am going to try and make Father’s Day the best one this year. I am going to cook a meal, think it ll be salmon with steamed veg and a parsley sauce with a gooey hot choc pot with cream after. I am pleased with myself,I have managed to get the greetings card all sorted out ages ago, so that is one thing I can tick off my to list. I came across a cool free site that has lots ofFathers Day eCards which I quite like, there are lots of cards which I know my Dad will like. Whenever I go onto this site I always find new cards which I like, so it maybe worth giving it a try.