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FEED Kenya Bag


Lauren Bush launched the newest FEED bag, the FEED 2 Kenya bag exclusively in store at Bergdorf Goodman. Each bag pays to feed 2 Kenyan children for 1 whole year, with $100 of the bag’s proceed going directly to the United Nations World Food Programme’s School Feeding operations in Kenya. Did you know every five seconds a child dies because he or she is hungry? Hunger and malnutrition kill more people than AIDS, Malaria, and Tuberculosis combined. Not only does the money go to feed children, the bag itself is handcrafted in Kenya by a coop of women so you are also supporting women artisans.

The FEED 2 is much more stylish and fashionable than the first version, each bag is exquisitely hand-beaded and has leather handles and shoulder strap for everyday wear or farmer’s market shopping. Wear it across the body as a messenger for busy days running errands. The bags are $195, exclusively at Bergdorf Goodman, in store. Click for more information on the FEED project.



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  1. I think that Lauren Bush is a fantastic young woman…to be truly admired. She has raised so much awareness about hunger all over the world. And to boot, she has found a stylish way to do it. I give the bags as gifts all the time and everyone loves them!

  2. I totally agree to Jodie! This is a very good way of combining fashion with the humanitarian activities Lauren undergoes. And guess what? I would buy and wear that bag, it’s practical and it makes a statement!

  3. This is GREAT. I love seeing fashion contribute to critical issues of the world. I definitely agree that this bag is a much more fashionable design than the first one, and I love the leather straps that adds quality and style to the bag. Overall, this bag is very bohemian, and rightfully representative of the cause that it supports. Great post!

  4. Yay! I love FEED bags and Lauren is fabulous in every sense of the word. I have always hoped that Bag Snob would cover this and help spread the word.

  5. I agree. If a promotional tote bag is fashion, function and environmental awareness rolled into one, this bag is fashion, function and humanitarian causes rolled into one. I think this Feed Kenya Bag is a really great idea.