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Ferragamo Equestre Nappa Yoko Bag

ferragamoyoko.jpgI’d be offended if I were Yoko Ono, even if the bag was not named after her– I’d be pissed such an ugly and frumpy bag shares my name. We were just praising Ferragamo’s new clutch and then this thing comes out. I can’t even put my finger on why I hate it but I do. I don’t mind the straps or the equestrian feel of the bag– what I mind is the lack of thought put into the placement of the straps and rope like top handle. It’s as if they threw both details on as an after thought. Not good, not good at all.  I guess if you are in need of a canteen holder for your camping trips this might be ideal but hello- 2 grand!

Take your $2,090 and buy the Jimmy Choo equestrian style tote I featured yesterday, a much better investment if you ask me. At Neiman



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  1. Nice bag.

    I am thinking of getting the Kelly So bag in camel. I haven’t been too familiar with it before yesterday when they showed me one in my local Hermés boutique. They still have one left and I think it is so beautiful for summer. But I am not sure about the format though… Is that a good choice girls? Or maybe there is a reason why they have it on stock?

  2. What an ugly bag! Everything about it is ugly. Although in general I like an equestrian touch 🙂 in a bag, I can´t see it here. This is definitely not something I was prepared to expect from Ferragamo.