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Frugal Snob: L’Oreal VIsible Lift Line-Minimizing Concealer

lorealvisiblelift.JPGL’Oreal has an under eye concealer with spf 20 and retinol (reverses sun damage) that is worth trying out. It minimizes lines while giving the crepey skin below the eyes a firming lift plus enhances the skin tone with a light tint of color.

For $12 you really can’t beat it for performance. I keep it in the car so I can dab throughout the day (after working out, tennis, or swimming) and for this price I don’t care if I lose it!

The consistency is fairly creamy and does not get cakey no matter how often I reapply.  It’s really great for poolside cuz I just swipe away.

 L’Oreal visible lift concealer–

icon$12 at



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  1. Since it’s summer, it is so hard to keep make up on my face. But with this concealer, it seems as if I can dab dab dab all I want without fearing for a caked look. It really is a great value, and L’Oreal is one of the credible drugstore brands. It sounds like a great eye concealer, with retinol and spf both!