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rogervivierclutch.jpgIt’s hard to believe this is the same style Roger Vivier clutch I ragged on earlier this month. Clutched in the hand it is so much more appealing! It also helps that it’s in a beautiful gold finish and not a moldy shaded lizard.  The gold patchwork really stands out against the black finish and looks crisp and sharp with the white dress.  I Love!!!

I guess you can tell I’m obsessing– but I think it is also the person carrying it.  I saw it on an actress whom I adore and it was totally perfect with her summer chic dress. 

Can you guess who she is?  I’ve given you the 4 options below– vote for fun or leave your answer in comments to win a Bag Snob t-shirt (made of the softest cotton from American Apparel!) and Bag Hook!

I’ll reveal the answer on Sunday night at 11pmEST and pick winner via random drawing.  US residents only please, one comment per person, have fun!

Guess the Celeb Snob!(opinion)

32 thoughts on “Guess the Celeb Snob!

  1. Cameron Diaz

  2. Jennifer Aniston

  3. I’m going to guess Sarah Jessica Parker!

  4. Cameron Diaz

  5. cameron diaz

  6. Cameron Diaz

  7. Cameron Diaz

  8. Michelle on said:

    Cameron Diaz

  9. Cameron Diaz

  10. Cameron Diaz

  11. Cameron Diaz

  12. cameron diaz

  13. Cameron Diaz

  14. Cameron Diaz

  15. Cameron Diaz

  16. crystal on said:

    cameron diaz. You can tell from the finger nails…

  17. Christy on said:

    cameron diaz

  18. Nikella on said:

    Sarah Jessica Parker?

  19. Bonnie on said:

    Cameron Diaz!

  20. Jennifer Aniston

  21. Yvonne on said:

    Cameron Diaz

  22. I’m going to guess Cameron…

  23. jburgh on said:

    Cameron Diaz

  24. thalia on said:

    Cameron Diaz!

  25. Cameron Diaz

  26. Jennifer Aniston

  27. Claire L on said:

    cameron diaz

  28. Amanda on said:

    Cameron Diaz

  29. Cameron Diaz

  30. Cameron Diaz

  31. Was it Cameron Diaz? I think she wore it at the premiere for My Sister’s Keeper.

    I do love this one so much more!

  32. Jonathan on said:

    Its Jennifer Aniston she wore it with a Prada dress this year

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