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Henri Bendel Debutante Pearl Bracelet


Henri Bendel Debutante Pearl Bracelet

More often than not, you will see me wearing a combination of two things – pave and pearls. While virtually everyone loves pave, I feel like pearls still get a bad rap. They’re still perceived as prissy, stuffy and/or conservative, and evoke images of repressed ’50s housewives holding apple pies with forced smiles.

Well, I think it’s high-time we shatter that arcane image and embrace the pearl as a permanent fixture of our jewelry wardrobes, particularly when the pearls are decked out with dual-grosgrain striped ribbon, Swarovski crystals, and striped cubic zirconia beads. Too cute – and for $148, it’s a steal.

Pearls are year-round, go with anything and brighten up any outfit. You can layer them with near-abandon, mix them with other jewels as well, and so long as you don’t screw anything up balance-wise, combining them with chain link, leather, cameos, etc. is permitted!

Power to the pearls.


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  1. I also grew up thinking of pearls in the same way as I viewed Tricia Nixon…probably nice enough, but not for me. Pearls today are NOT our mothers pearls! Not only have designers begun using pearls in unconventional ways, but cultivators are providing us with unbelievable variety in forms, colors, sizes and qualities that jewelers of the past did not have access to. Most inspiring!

    Marianne Hunter

  2. For the price I don’t think these are real pearls though? really pretty bracelet, but if we’re talking about bringing pearls back into the limelight maybe a post with actual pearls instead of fakes?