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Michell Obama Wears VBH


Michelle Obama is not one for the obvious when it comes to fashion. She is understated and tasteful so appropriately, she shows up in New York in a VBH Ballerina Clutch in Colbalt Blue Satin ($1500). She contrasts her LBD with this bright clutch that totally pops. Who knew she was such a Bag Snob? I mean, only those in the know can appreciate what VBH is all about – quality, simplicity and subtlety but oh-so stylish!



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  1. This pair looks great every time I see them,nothing to do with the clutch; it is so small you hardly recognize it !

  2. Is this the same NYC trip where us taxpayers paid for them to fly privately to NYC, eat at one of the top restaurants and fly back privately? Obama paid for the Broadway tickets out of his own pockets, big whoop – we paid for everything else!!! Shame on those two for doing that during the worst Recession in years – they are hypocrites – they think they are so entitled.

  3. Interesting. Do you suppose that Bush was flying commercial for all his trips back to the ranch while the financial industry crumbled about his ears? It’s called security requirements.

    If you don’t want to read about entitlement and excess, I would suggest you might want to stay away from blogs about luxury handbags.

  4. I agree with you 100%. I wonder why the only place this is covered in the media is on fox news. She is also wearing a $3000 alaia dress.

  5. oh c, get your facts str8. When Bush was flying to his ranch it was on Air Force One. The Obamas (the champions of the poor – HA) chartered a PRIVATE JET at taxpayers expense to fly to NYC. Hypocrites to the worst degree…

  6. I was pretty sure the haters would come out as soon as I saw this post. Many of the items Michelle wears are given to her, just like with celebrities. The taxpayers did NOT pay for that dress. The only reason you see this stuff being reported on Fox news is because (gasp!) it’s all lies.

    And word to the wise – Air Force One is the air traffic control call sign for ANY United States Air Force aircraft carrying the President of the United States. While there are two specific planes often referred to as Air Force One, they are both being replaced because they are no longer cost effective to operate. So guess what? Chartering a private jet was cheaper. Please do some research before posting.

  7. Oh Katy, you are so misinformed – you are stating facts that simply aren’t true. And who’s the hater? The vitrol you are spewing if very unbecoming for a “lady” like you. Please don’t try to minimize people reporting the facts to being a “hater” – that’s an easy out and a label that people like you try to hide behind by throwing it at others. And your arguement is empty – the flight and meal were paid for by US taxpayers regardless of the “cost-effectiveness” of the Obamas. And the private jet was not Air Force One – CNN reported that they flew on a private jet INSTEAD of Air Force One. Please get your facts str8 before posting.

  8. oh Kaytey, you are so misinformed. First, CNN reported that the Obamas flew on a private jet INSTEAD of Air Force One. And regardless of the “cost-effectiveness” of the Obamas, the flight and meal were paid for by US taxpayers – thus leaving your arguement mute. Please get your facts str8 before posting.

    And all this vitrol spewing out of your mouth is very unbecoming for a “lady” like you. Your use of the word “hater” is one heck of a cheap shot. What are you trying to say? It’s the word people like you like to hide behind by throwing it around at others. Make your arguement in a professional manner please.

  9. Actually, Manbag, dear:

    (1) Air Force One is the call sign of ANY aircraft that the President of the United States flies upon.

    (2) The cost of flying the regular 747 “Air Force One” IS paid for by tax payers. Bush and every POTUS before him who flies on the monstrous 747 for their personal use is flying on your dime.

    (3) Which do you think is more cost efficient, flying a smaller Lear jet or powering up the 747 for 2 people and their security detail?

  10. Hooray for politically charged posts. People who have nothing better to do than talk politics on a bag blog aside, I think Michelle looks great.

  11. Hooray for politically charged posts. People who have nothing better to do than talk politics on a bag blog aside, I think Michelle looks great.

  12. Michelle looks classy, fresh, and uber stylish as usual. They are a sharp couple. I love the pop of blue.

    Good for him for taking his wife out on the town. I think it is a great example to set for other families. I mean if he can find the time…..

    And about the cost, I feel it goes w/ the territory of POTUS.

  13. How entertaining! Everyone needs to get a grip and read some Wikipedia.

    Obama (or any president for that matter) is not chartering a Marquis jet or any private jet like a random celebrity. All, that is ALL, of his transport is handled by the Air Force and only military pilots fly him. The so called “private jet” is a smaller jet in the Air Force Presidential Fleet.

    “Local TV channel NY1 quoted official sources as saying that the first couple left Washington, D.C. in the afternoon aboard a smaller plane in the Air Force One fleet.”

    As if secret service is going to let any president charter his own plane. *snort*

  14. The “private jet” is part of the Air Force presidential fleet. There is more than one aircraft that flies the President around.

  15. Not to continue in all the hysteria here but of course I have to put in my 2 cents (it is my blog!). Whatever he is spending on a night out with his wife, it is fringe benefits that he is owed considering that he has the WORST job in the world and only makes $400K a year for it. He works 24 hours a day, he has to live in the building where he works!

  16. Thank you, that is exactly what I was trying to point out. Haha. I love how he says my facts are incorrect… They came from the US department of transportation! He also spelled my name wrong. :/

  17. Good point Kelly! I wouldn’t want his job.

    And to all the rest of you: she has money and pays for her own clothes. Years and years of college and hard work have earned her an Alaia dress or two!

  18. He chose that job!!! no one forced him to take it. He has plenty of power and perks that come with it so I don’t feel too sorry for how hard his job is. But yeah he still deserves a night off every once in a while too though on my dime. 😛

  19. I think you are all forgetting that the Obamas are millionaire in their own right due to the sales of his books. Michelle is dressing in expensive clothes b/c she has the means to do so with her private money.

  20. kelly: spot on! others: dear lord…we’re talking handbags, not international crises. perhaps the haters could take their venom over to a political blog…i’m sure has just the thing.

    the clutch is lovely – i wish it were a smidge bigger, but the pop of color really makes the outfit. thanks for tracking down the source, kelly!

  21. My friend (she is too private to leave comments) brought up a good point– I don’t think First Ladies can accept stuff from designers anymore after Nancy Reagan’s mess in the 80’s.

    I do remember reading somewhere that Michelle buys everything through a boutique in chicago…

    Not to stir up more trouble in the pot or anything (but my name does start with a capital T!) any thoughts?

  22. Let’s not forget that Michelle Obama was the VP of a hospital and as a self-made woman can afford to treat herself to luxury items same as any other businesswoman.

    How funny that people can read this blog and the high-priced items recommended without blinking, but the idea of flying to New York and having a nice dinner + show is gasp-worthy? So the president can have paid vacation, big whoopty. Can someone refresh my memory on whether Fox news made a big to-do over Palin’s $150,000 wardrobe?

  23. tina: you’re 100% right 🙂 no one in the first family (or the VP’s family, for that matter) can accept “gifts” from designers – without boring you too much with the election law details, they’re considered contributions.

  24. If the president had just paid for this date night out of his own money we wouldn’t even comment on it. When we pay for it I think we have a right to comment. I believe DC has great restaurants of their own.

  25. (excuse the long post, but I really want to clarify some things)

    Michelle does have to buy everything. She cannot accept gifts. The president is typically a person with significant financial means as campaigning itself is a large and costly enterprise and requires having access to several things the average taxpayer will never afford, for example, one’s own plane. The middle class and the poor cannot run for such an office. That is how the elections system is set up in the United States. The president is also the most targeted person in the country, and Obama has been far more targeted than any other. (Even Bush, who was the most protested man in history, was not experiencing the sort of threats O. is.) Hence, he is entitled to use Air Force One at all times for his safety and protection. Michelle Obama is the only first lady with two degrees from Ivy League institutions. She has attained a high level of success and economic comfort through her own work. She meets with heads of state in everything from J. Crew to Jason Wu, and she buys it herself. Anyone saying they act as “they’re so entitled” are misinformed as the Obamas are doing things every president and first lady have done in recent years and even modernizing presidential customs somewhat to make themselves more accessible to the public. There is really nothing novel or remarkable about their lifestyle given the manner in which presidents and their wives have existed historically. The purse, however, is fabulous, and she looks lovely, as first ladies often do.

  26. Its quite pathetic that one would cast stones at one trip? May I remind you that the incompetent we had as the President previously took a whopping 879 days of vacation! Now, add up the fuel for the for the trips. This mass amount of money could be used for better use would you not agree? When President Obama surpasses the record 879 days then I will agree whole heartedly. Just as an F.Y.I if you equate the days to a percentage it is 30% of President Bush’s Presidency. Wow, running the country 70% of the time might explain why he ran it so poorly? Below is the corresponding article.

  27. Aside the political discussion (which I strongly believe that both sides – or neither – have a point), Michelle Obama is a strong and independent woman who really knows how to put everything together. She is a great example for us working ladies who do not depend on our hubbies and spend our bucks on whatever pleases us.

    She looks great as usual.

  28. say the entire trip cost $1 million (which it probably didn’t) that comes out to be about 1/3 of a penny out of each of our tax paying pockets

  29. I would gladly buy the president dinner. Really, I think how you feel about this comes down to whether or not you like him.

  30. It’s not like the President can hop on a commercial jet like the rest of us. He has stated that when he goes out, he HAS to take precautions. Besides, it’s not like our previous president was riding a bicycle on his MANY trips to his ranch in Texas. It was documented that he paid for what he could.

    Considering that G.W. Bush took the most vacation of any president in history, I think the last people on Earth who should start throwing stones is the GOP and Fox News.

    Also, every airplane he flies has to be called “Air Force One” by FAA regulations.

  31. I actually never liked Michele Obama but now that she is first lady i have started to like her and what she is doing and what her passions are about helping the world..Ok enough nice stuff problem i have is the country economically is falling apart , should we pay for them to take a trip to new york answer is NO! Should Michele be wearing expensive bags answer is NO , not when your husband the president is talking about how everyone has to do there part

    sorry dont agree with it she should be wearing something that the regular people can afford , when you run your campaign on sacrifice follow your own advice

    1500.00 can feed alot of homeless people rather than her take it from the designer

    sorry practice what you preach!

  32. Let’s see…which US president took the most vacation days of any president in history?

    OH YES, GEORGE W. BUSH. Who flew to his home in Texas repeatedly on Air Force One. At the cost of the taxpayer.

  33. I am amazed that there would be posters attacking Mrs. Obama for carrying a nice dinner clutch on a blog called The Bag Snob. I agree with a previous poster that this really boils down to whether you like them on not and I like them tremendously. The cost of that clutch is relative. How much do you personally find acceptable for her to spend for her clothing items out of her own money? If she spent $200., the argument could be there are cheaper clutches at Target.

    You don’t think New Yorkers appreciated the Obamas coming to town and reminding the country that we have great reasons to visit New York City? Don’t forget, some designers have complained that Mrs. Obama was wearing J. Crew. They felt she should also wear the nicer designers to further support our economy as they have employees too. I’m thrilled with President Obama and his family. Love the garden they have planted at the White House where they can grow and serve fresh food. And the blue clutch pops perfectly!

  34. Actually, just to clarify – although designers cannot give Michelle clothes, Michelle is allowed to borrow them for a night and then give them back. However, this is not allowed in England – and is part of the reason Sarah Brown gets such bad press for her style. Our leaders are expected to look the part and looking the part requires expensive clothes a lot of the time.