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A few days ago Honey Magazine hosted a small party to celebrate their magazine — after years of being published in print, it’s now completely online. The invite said that Minx was going to be on hand to give manicures so I excitedly headed over. I’ve been to a few parties recently where Minx manis/pedis have been offered, but I’ve never actually had the time to wait for my turn to do it — finally I was going to be able to have fun metallic nails like the ones Lady Gaga has been sporting! Unfortunately things didn’t turn out as great as I hoped. Minx is nail art. You can have pretty much any design imaginable put on your nails. Among the stars who have done this are Victoria Beckham, Leighton Meester, Heidi Klum, Beyonce, Megan Fox, Liv Tyler, and so many more. They take what basically looks like a sticker, heat it under a heat lamp for a second, and then put it on your nail. The sticker melts a little under the heat lamp and adheres well to the nail. Then using a nail file and scissors they get off the excess sticker (this takes awhile too and files down your nails in the process which bothered me!). You can only get Minx nails done at salons (Bliss offers this. Manicures are $55 and pedicures are $85). I’m not sure if my Minx manicurists was a newbie to the process but it took FOREVER! I almost fell asleep during the 45 min process as she tried on different stickers unable to find out which would fit my nails. More after the jump!

My nails!
Luckily after the 45 min process I have to say that I absolutely loved how my nails looked — so futuristic and fun! The manicure is supposed to last 4 to 8 days (longer if you have short nails like me). Come the next day however my nails were already peeling at the edges! Perhaps for the better I thought to myself — I was hosting a dinner party at my apartment and the metallic silver didn’t really go with what I planned to wear. Alas taking the Minx nails off is a PAIN IN THE BUTT! Even as they start chipping off you can’t just peal them off. You have to heat them under a blow dryer and hot water — messy, time-consuming and annoying! Plus this seems like it would be bad for your nails (though I was assured that it wasn’t….). I understand that if people want to get elaborate designs on their nails that doing Minx would make sense (even though I personally find leopard print and such on nails rather tacky unless you’re under the age of 12), or for fashion shows, but for a regular manicure this is just too much of pain and does not last long enough for the price..I’m sticking with nail polish! Now I’m on the hunt for an uber-metallic silver nail polish to re-create the Minx look minus the hassle! Does anyone have any recommendations?

lady gaga minx nails.jpgBeyonce Minx Nails.jpg


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  1. Your nails look amazing! (And I love the ring on your index finger) I’m sorry you had to endure through that process! This is the second review that I am reading about Minx nails, and both are of the same content. How it takes forever to put on, and not lasting past the first two days. With the cost being so high, I definitely don’t think Minx are worth it. If they want to increase number of everyday-people wearing it aside from celebrities, they would have to up their quality for me to be won over.


  2. Thanks! I’ve been wearing the middle one everyday since I was grandmother gave it to me and I never take it off! The bunny was an impulse buy in Spain:)

  3. They look really great, but it sounds like a lot of work for a mani that doesn’t even last. If you want a really metallic silver polish, try Zoya Trixie. It’s silver, metallic, AND shimmery. It’s not exactly like the Minx look, but it’s still futuristic looking to me:)

  4. That’s strange, because I’ve worn Minx twice and both times it lasted well over a week on my fingers. Maybe it was just the manicurist. I once had an awful manicures with red OPI nail polish that I paid $30 for in Atlantic City, but I don’t blame the polish. Sometimes the manicurist just isn’t very good.

    Love the bunny ring!

  5. I just got them done yesterday and it took all of 15 minutes. Prep took about 5 and my nails look great. I live in ny and they cost $55. The manicurist knew exactly what she was doing and there was no hassle at all. It sucks that you had so much trouble. I guess it depends on where you go.

  6. I am interested in this “minx” sensation to be applied to my short, natural nails. Does any one know who does them in the Bay Area?

  7. I’m interested in getting Minxed. Malika, where did you go to get yours done? I live in NYC as well. FYI Sharon, Sephora nail polish by Opi makes a great metallic silver polish.

  8. theres a spot off of stevens creek in san jose. She works by appointment only. But she is pricey, 80 bucks for a pedi.

  9. Even though this is an older post, Sally Hansen’s discontinued line of ‘Chrome Nail Makeup’ nail polishes are crazy intense metallic that dry almost instantly. One coat and you get a very similar effect as the Minx system. Otherwise Lippmann Collection nail polish in ‘Marquee Moon’ is another to check out.

  10. Hello Ladies! I am a Manicurist working at Suite 303 in the Chelsea Hotel, in NYC and a Certified Minx Specialist. When applied properly the Minx Manicures should last 1-2 weeks, average for short nails is about 10 days. I have some clients that have had them on for 2 1/2 weeks, with minimal wear! Toes last 4+ weeks, again with minimal wear at the tips. The application time should take as long as any manicure/pedicure service. 1/2 for manicures, 45-1 hr pedicures. Most of clients, say they don’t want to wear polish again, as Minx is addicting! Anyone with questions can email me,

  11. hiya i am wanting to buy some minx nail art for my self and i am struggling to find a website that sells them i have tryed getting on to the minx website and i couldnt order any please will some 1 help me 🙂

  12. I also am a certified minx specialist and agree with TRACYLEE. The minx should last 1-2 weeks. I have realized that every manicurist has their own filing techniques and it seems to be what determines how they will do. My clients also keep them on as long as 10days + On toes my clients keep them on inbetween 4-8 weeks. And they are still hanging on, but grown out some. I would def say minx are worth ever dollar. I’ve heard them called stickers, my clients say they are more like a temporary tattoo! lol! With all the compliments you’ll receive, MINX are definitely worth it! I believe everyone should try them at least once! What I like to do for first timers is put one minx on the big toe and nail polish on the rest.They usually come back for the rest to be minxed within a week! ;)I also love to add nail polish on the minx (cute hearts,tips) or even mix match. For some more photos of minx on toes and fingernails or more designs visit or to find a salon in your area

  13. Thanks for posting this review. I was really curious about how the Minx nails work and how you take them off. Sounds like they are a one-time, special occasion kinda thing. Keep up the great work!!!

  14. you should try nail foil for the metallic look. you can cover the whole nail and it is easy to take off. check with your local beauty supply store for the supplies. i hope this helps!

  15. the only problem with the sephora stuff is that it looks tacky after being applied and you need nail polish remover to remove them where as minx come right off after the seel is broken

  16. hey, im loving the minx nails and i really wanna get them done.but i gotta small problem… i live in egypt. anybody know if there are any certified minx appliers in the area?

  17. You will not be able to get MINX anywhere but from there website, you have o be a licensed manicuist and they verify that on every order

  18. i live in england and my mobile beauty therapist has just minxed my toes and i had acriylic on my fingers with minx on the tips. she then applied a gel over them to seal them so they will last longer! i love em. i had pink cheeta an they dont look tacky!! love em

  19. Hi,

    Ebay sells them for $24.00-25.00 kit that includes instructions. You wont find as many colors/designs as the minx website, but at least you don’t need to be certified to buy them. I wonder if anybody tried to do on your own and how it worked. My nails are smaller and thinner than regular and I dont know if the minx nails would fit. I do my own nails (2-3 coats of nail polish) every week and would love to cut the drying time!

  20. I always use OPI, swear by it, on my natural nails and it works for me. I always use a base and top coat. Maybe that is why I have good results..not quite sure.

  21. We have been doing Minx at our spa, Spatique for months now…They are amazing, and last much longer than a regular manicure or pedicure..We charge $46 for a man and $65 for a ped..If you live in the south Florida area, give us a call 561-483-3338

  22. Hey there, I just moved to the BAY AREA and offer Minx manicures and pedicures. As far as I know I am the only one in the city that offers this!! I also offer mobile services, great for parties or weddings!!!

    Email me to set something up!


  23. Honey, did my nails also and although I love them, what she failed to tell me was that they DO NOT work well with acrylic nails….they don’t fit well on acrylic nails and they shrink, this is for natural nails, it works much better, it’s fab look but annoying to keep trying to smooth the edges out all freakin day 🙂

  24. There is a place in New Orleans in the mid city area that does Minx. $40 for a mani and $55 for a pedi I believe. I believe there was a link to the salon on the official Minx website.

  25. I checked out that salon and they were pretty rude. (the lady at the front desk was very rude, the Minx specialist was nice) The place is located in the American Can Apts Bldg.

    There is also a salon in Independence LA (near Hammond) that does Minx nails. I spoke to the Minx specialist there and she was very nice and answered all of my questions. I’m going there soon in order to get “Minxed”.

  26. I live in Charlotte, NC and cannot believe we do not have a salon that doesn’t offer minx nails. Does anyone know if there is a salon in my area. Thanks!!!

  27. I”m a manicurist in new york city. If anyone is interested in a product that doesn’t chip, and requires no drying time. Opi axium is a colored gel that comes in colors form bubble bath, to russian navy. It lasts for two weeks, and the cost is thirty five dollars. It works for pedicures also. Something to consider

  28. the silver polish that they currently carry at mac… “$$$$$ Yes” looks almost identical to the minxed nails. I just purchased it to wear for halloween with my GaGa costume I’m recreating.

  29. Hi ladies im a nail technician in the uk and havent come across minx yet can anyone fill me in on how to do them, is it just foil over an acrylic nail and then under a uv lamp??? thanks guys would really appreciate your input!

  30. how in the world do you expect people to get minx nails if they cost so much,I mean seriously $85 pedicures. something is wrong with that.these are hard times. you guys need to do a definate price cut.

  31. I bought some from E bay and applied them myself after heating under a normal table lamp. Not too difficult to do and I have had them on for 5 days so far. my finger nails are short so I cut them in half and will get 3 sets out of the sheet. I paid $10 a sheet.

    They look fab on, my first try is with purple & gray fishnet but next time I will do metallic.

    They are pealing back slightly at the tip but it is not noticeable unless you look really close.

    Great product!

  32. I love minx nails I have been wearing them for the last 3 years. I don’t wear them on my fingers but on my toes they last me 6-7 weeks! I get compliments everywhere I go.

  33. I’m a nail tech & MINX PRO @ Auger salon boutique 5600 H street suite 140 (916)737.5600 in Sacramento,CALIFORNIA!!! Minx Mani$45. Minx Pedi$60 “2x the Minx$85.”!! You’ll dig it the most!

  34. A LIST nail & lash BOUTIQUE 214-802-4060 / Desoto Tx.- I think MINX r for the grown & sexy – I have been a nail tech. for 26yrs. and minx is hot it has not been any thing going on with nail but a french manicure and everybody wear french. but with minx u have over 150 designs to chose from and no body has to look alike to be minxed so call me for ur minx when ur in the big D (are i will come to u)and GET MINXED WITH THE A LISTERS!!

  35. Guys what is up with the stupid questions?

    I’m sure you’ve ended up here cuz you googled MINX nails and I’m sure you’ve checked out the official MINX website that gives you a list of MINX manicurists in your area…. duh!!

    Also you can always go on craigslist/ services/ beauty

  36. trying puuting a chip resistant top coat over opi that help if u r into doing dishes n jus having your nails n water frequently

  37. u can order minx supplies on this website ebay has some of their stuff but it cost $8-$15 more on ebay plus shipping on trendy the minx is only like $6 and u can do 2 full set with each sheet

  38. Hello ALASKA!!!!Get Minxed at Viva La Diva. I have been trained one on one by Minx and Minx Masters Naja Rickette and Natasha Ray(celebrity manicurists)call 907-351-2255.Experience true glamour on your nails. Call the AK Minx Master.

  39. Hi

    Anyone know where i can order via internet minx nails so they can be shipped.

    Or even better, I have a boutique here in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. And would love to distribute them…

    Any suggestions, Thkx :*

  40. Hi

    Anyone know where i can order via internet minx nails so they can be shipped.

    Or even better, I have a boutique here in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. And would love to distribute them…

    Any suggestions, Thkx :*

  41. I have bought minx nails off bay. i warmed them with my hair dryer and stuck them on. it was easy they have been on for 3 weeks and are still going strong. i am going to change them this week. which takes no time at all as they just peel straight off. try them with your hair dryer and nail file very easy !!!!!!

  42. I love that I can have nails that look just as good or even better than some of the pictures and I never have to step foot in a salon and never have to pay that much money! Have you heard of Jamberry Nails! Just see my website and you will fall in love with the over 150 designs!