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Frugal Snob: New Launches from Vichy

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Vichy has just come-out with three new products: Aqualia Thermal Light Fortifying & Soothing 24Hr Hydrating Care ($27), Aqualia Thermal Mat Fortifying & Soothing 24Hr Hydrating Gel with Anti-Shine Effect ($25), and Normaderm Pro Mat Hydrating Care. I love Vichy because they’re affordable, effective and trust-worthy (they’re tied with La Roche-Posay when it comes to my fave drugstore finds). I’ve never had a bad reaction to anything from Vichy (I have very sensitive, pale skin and am prone to redness), and all of their products are backed by a ton of research (they’re actually the #1 selling skincare brand in European pharmacies). Their Normaderm line is great for summer when skin is especially sensitive and prone to breakouts and for those with very oily skin. Vichy researchers actually found a link between UV rays and oil production in skin, so they managed to find a formula with SPF coverage that inhibits oil production without leaving a white film or clogging pores. Called Ultra Mattifying Oil-Free Lotion ($21), it will be launching in August. It’s basically the day-time version of Vichy Normaderm Night

($24), which I’ve been using on and off for months. The formulation is lightweight,

there is an instant matte and tightening effect, and it helps minimize

the size of pores. Jump for more!

For those whose main problem is skin dehydration, Aqualia Thermal Light Fortifying & Soothing 24Hr Hydrating Care and Aqualia Thermal Mat Fortifying & Soothing 24Hr Hydrating Gel with Anti-Shine Effect have been formulated to fight just that. Light is for women with normal to dry skin to correct dehydration (this works for those with very sensitive skin as well), while Mat is for normal to oily-skinned women that are looking for a mattifying effect while treating dehydration, and for combination skin with sensitive patches and shininess. I used Aqualia Thermal Light under La Roche-Posay Anthelios (which I’ve been using since my dermatologist said it was the best sun-protection), and found the two to make a great combo. The La Roche-Posay cream is very “tough” it does not blend into the skin easily (it’s not greasy at all), so without a moisturizing cream underneath my skin feels very dehydrated. Aqualia Light is light and easy to blend so it doesn’t leave skin greasy and feeling prone to breaking-out even if you layer it.


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  1. The Aqualia Hydrating Gel has been out in Europe for quite some time now and I love it. It’s perfect for those hot and humid summer days. I love anything by Vichy, their Dermablend make up, too. For those of you who love Vichy and La Roche-Posay: Avène is another great french pharmacy brand, also formulated with thermal water.

  2. Would you help me please? I´ve been using Normaderm Anti imperfections (the day and night ones) and they seem to work very good for me some days. My skin is very weird and it could be oily today and tomorrow it will dry and that is why I cannot use vichy anti imperfections everyday. Do you think Aqualia Thermal Mat Fortifying & Soothing 24Hr Hydrating Gel with Anti-Shine Effect could work for me when I´m feeling my face tight and dry? I´d appreciate your help!!!