One Language Canvas Tote


Now here is a tote that makes sense and has good value, unlike the Valextra canvas tote for $1060. Yes, it is true you can get a canvas tote for $20 but if you look at the construction the breakdown in quality is obvious. This One Language tote is beautifully made, has a great design and is functional. It is 100% natural canvas with tight seams, perfectly turned corners, is sturdy and maintains its structure. It has a super wide gusset so is the perfect beach / pool bag. There is a smaller compartment for your laptop (comes with a laptop case that can be used separately), or for wallet and personal items. The interior is full of pockets for phone, sunscreen, keys, etc and unlike most totes, there is a covered flap that zips closed. Comes in 4 cute designs, I love the bicycle – cute, whimsical and epitomizes the carefree days of summer. At One Language Label for $110.

10 thoughts on “One Language Canvas Tote

  1. Want my opinion? Well, I’m giving it anyway! That tote is not worth the stuff it can handle. Those straps won’t make it carrying a laptop or anything over 25 lbs. Want the BEST canvas totes? Go no other than LL Bean!! They have classic style and strength to hold everything and last from season to season, year to year! That’s the only place I would spend my money on canvas! I could do without the picture of the bicycle, it limits a wardrobe too!

  2. metscan on said:

    I agree with your opinion of the bag. It looks a bit childish,may I add. Totally something one can live without. For beach or pool recycle a normal plastic bag, no use to take your laptop along, enjoy the sun ;)

  3. Bag Snob Kelly on said:

    The handles are actually very sturdy, in fact, the entire bag is. It can definitely handle 25 lbs.


  4. lands end or ll bean – much cuter very well made and 20 bucks.

  5. Puss of Scandinavia on said:

    The bag is cute, but 120 USD for a canvas tote is bit steep in my opinion.

  6. I really like this! this looks sturdy and perfect for summer days (: The land’s end and LL bean totes are very sturdy too but they wouldn’t have the same effect because it doesn’t have the same cute/chicness in my opinion.

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