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Roger Vivier Tejus Faceted Clutch: Snob or Slob?


viviertejus1.jpgRoger Vivier (inventor of the stiletto heel and of the pilgrim buckle fame) has a new clutch that doesn’t seem to quite capture the essence of the legendary designer. The tejus (tejus is a type of lizard with distinctive poka dotty spots) faceted clutch is interesting in itself and really does not require the multi hued colors (that resemble mold). A solid shade would have been much more chic plus it’d be less noticeable that only bits and pieces were used to make this 850 Euro/$1200 clutch. I do like the modernized pilgrim buckle and I guess one could argue the prism like patches look edgy and modern in a Star Trekkish way (have you seen? I’ve heard so much about it but am just not a Trekkie and don’t care!) but still– it’s a lot of money for pieces of scrap skin.

ROGER VIVIER – TEJUS FACETED CLUTCH is 27cmx17cm and available at Luisa via Roma.

What do you think? Snob or Slob?

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6 thoughts on “Roger Vivier Tejus Faceted Clutch: Snob or Slob?”

  1. i love this! expect a plain dress to be seriously jazzed up by this piece, which looks so couture, it might as well be out of this world; hence transformers eh.


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