Alexander McQueen Quilted Clutch


I actually teared up when I saw this clutch. No, really, I did. My heart pounding, I wondered if I should click buy and call it an early “Happy Birthday to me” gift. It is the perfect combination of sophistication and edgy cool. A girl who has been pairing Chanel jackets with bad ass studded booties and distressed jeans since college. In other words, Tina. The skull is not as hideous as I used to think, it’s grown on me and how fab are the tiny embellished crystals on it? The silver quilting really makes it for me, it’s at once lady like and trendy. Love! I may need to take a cold shower to refrain from clicking clicking clicking. Alexander McQueen Quilted Skull Clutch at Browns Fashion here


14 thoughts on “Alexander McQueen Quilted Clutch

  1. Click away my love, Click away!!!! hehe

    I LOVE THIS!!!!! MY boys would really LOVE! this.

    I gotta ask ya…What is it with boys and skulls.


  2. Valerie on said:

    If it takes your breath away, then click away.

  3. sol sol on said:

    this is my favourite of the McQueen bags…i’m loving how the keep making it season after season…

  4. loooooooove ! it I allready have other versions, but this one is perfect ! yeah Tina, click away !

  5. hey~~~…I WANT too…@_@ *drool*

  6. Rachel on said:

    Hi Tina! Had this on a shoot last week. Great piece. Solid and totally freaking cool. I just know that I would drop it and one of the pearl eyes would go flying. :-( It’s definitely not for a bottle-of-Veuve-and-then-some night!

  7. Bag Snob Tina on said:

    You are all enablers! Yes, would not want one of the pearl eyes to fly out but it might look kind of cool ;)

  8. Bag Snob Kelly on said:

    I’m supposed to talk you out of this one. Just say no. Cool bag but you use it once and you’ll get sick of it. One of us has to be rational once in a while =)

    Love, Kelly

  9. Rebecca Shook on said:

    What a gorgeous clutch to ruin with a skeleton. A sophisticated lady does not want a skeleton on her clutch.

  10. That clutch is amazing, it would be perfect for me, but unfortunately like all things from my favorite designer it’s out of reach. Sometimes being poor sucks. Oh well time to click away from this site and be thankful for what I do have.

  11. Chickdowntown Alyse on said:

    Haha- a skull mixed with quilting. Brilliant! I absolutely love it.

  12. A girl who has been pairing Chanel jackets with bad ass studded booties and distressed jeans since college.

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