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Alexander Wang Coco Duffle – In Stores!


Just a quick heads up, one of the most awaited bags by both me and Tina, the Alexander Wang studded bottom Coco duffle is now at Barneys for $850. Seriously the best bag you will ever get for that price. It will sell out quickly at Barneys but other stores are getting it in so there will be plenty to go around.

9 thoughts on “Alexander Wang Coco Duffle – In Stores!

  1. it’s also available now at zoe, and will be tomorrow AM at a big online retailer….i’m keeping a running tally of where to buy the coco duffel LOL:

    sadly, i have to wait until August for mine :(

  2. =( saw this at barney’s co-op in houston. not as great in real life or as fabulous looking on my arm as on ashley olsen’s. the idea is great, but the design was lacking. the texture of the leather was off, and the zipper makes accessing the cavernous inside difficult, especially bc of the awkward dimensions of the bag.

  3. Anonymous on said:

    Agreed, the bag is so ordinary looking and lack of creativity. Further the grained leather makes it so old looking like a granny bag. Certainly not a wise choice for this price tag.

  4. Bag Snob Tina on said:

    I am sad to say that I agree. In person it just lacks that oomph that MK Olsen gave it, the sagging hobo homeless chic oomph. I am passing… sigh…

  5. metscan on said:

    Somehow I like this bag, maybe I´m a granny. I like the studs in the bottom. I hope it would be a bit larger, but then again, I´m only judging by this one picture.

  6. Lottie on said:

    It must be bad if your passing on this bag as I know how excited you where about it, so thew search continues for me for a day to day studded bag, or even just good hobo…any ideas?!


  7. This bag is a copy of a Be&D bag from a few years ago…. lame.

  8. Also saw this bag live–and it caught my eye till I picked it up. It’s not a practical bag for me but the best part is totally hidden on the bottom! Which, I know is the point but I like those studs so much that I wish he had incorporated them in a different –more visible manner. Like a line of them on the top, along the zip open–on both sides! He did do a slouch shoulder bag in this milieu…but the studs are black and the bag is black. It would have looked more stunning if he had kept the brass studs in the brass color on the hobo as well.

    Oh well. Still looking…

  9. Hey, does any1 know the difference in the coco duffle and roco duffle im geting confused as to which one i want…

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