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Best Angled Eyeliner Brush, EVER!

I was introduced to “Motives” cosmetics by a bag designer friend, Adriana Castro. She has the world’s most beautiful and velvety skin and she told me her secret was a line called Motives cosmetics. I asked to be put in touch with the Creative Director, Loren Ridinger, and have hounded her ever since. motivesgelliner.jpgSeriously, this line is really outstanding. From the Liquid to Powder mineral foundation to the award winning Pressed eye shadow palettes, I am really addicted! But the most exciting discovery is its Angled Eyeliner brush (for cat eye fanatics like myself). I have tried every eye liner brush out there, and always end up using angled brow brushes because not many companies make an angled eyeliner brush let alone a good one. You must try this, the best part is– it’s only $8.50!  Less than a martini these days and how many things can you say that about!?!?   At Motives  Get one of the gel liners ($15.95) while you’re at it, you just dip the brush in the pot and apply– easy and mess free!


The Pressed Eye shadows are spectacular, you don’t need much as the minerals are heavily pigmented. Here is what I used:

Liquid to Powder Foundation in “Tender Beige”
Blush in “Pocelain Doll” topped off with a touch of “Pretty in Pink”

Pressed Eye Shadows:

1. Latte- I used this all over the lid

2. Shimmer Taupe– Applied on the outer corners of the crease to give it a bit of depth

3. Creme Fresh- Under browbone area as highlighter



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  1. I just ordered the brush and eye products! Always good to hear recommendations. I had not heard of them before. Shipping though is high!

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