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Color Me Puzzle


farm-color-me-puzzle.jpgLooks like any other puzzle, right? But you flip it over and it is a whole new game, it has the same puzzle without color to be interpreted and colored in by your tot. Creative and brain flexing all in one! This is perfect for travel because you are getting a puzzle that can be done again and again, as well as a coloring project! I try not to bring too much on trips, I am not one of those moms who packs an entire suitcase full of toys, not even on long trips. This will definitely be in my suitcase though! It comes with oversized crayons. Made of thick, sturdy cardboard and printed with non-toxic ink. Puzzle has 24 large pieces for ages 4+. Enchanted Kingdom, On The Farm as well as other designs, available at Child Trek for $13.95.



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  1. Great idea! I think i would buy two and have my tot color one in while it is still in pieces. Would be interesting to see the result.