Couplicoles 3D Paper Animals



Here is a project that I want to do with my tots! And that’s the point, we all want to “play” with our tots but you can only play Candyland for so long before the boredom actually bores a hole in your head. These 3D paper creations are simple to make (with your help, unless they are 6+) by cutting them out and glueing them together. It is so exciting to create something with your hands and see it come to fruition! And once they are made, they are really great looking, good enough to display on your shelf (until the next project). These require simple tools like scissors, ruler and glue so it is a great project to take on the road or to grandma’s house. Each collection is $15 and come with 12 paper animal projects at Many different collections to choose from such as bugs, farm animals, birds, ocean creatures and many many more (none animal options like vegetables and vehicles too).

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