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Darphin Denblan Whitening Toothpaste


I’m all about trying to whiten my teeth now. I am planning on getting laser whitening done at my dentist’s office but I figured I should aid in the effort first by doing something simpler. I have used other whitening toothpaste but it has this extra taste that leaves my tongue feeling weird. It is bad enough to make me dread brushing my teeth, which is definitely NOT a good thing. So when I was buying all my regular Darphin products, the owner of the store I got to (Temptress in Manhattan Beach) said that I “MUST TRY” this toothpaste. She told me I can bring it back if I don’t like it and she’ll give me my money back. OK, no risk, I like that. Plus, it’s only $20. I can’t say that it is turning my teeth completely white like Ross on Friends (he over whitened and his teeth glowed in the dark) but it is definitely brighter and I love the taste! No weird aftertaste, in fact, it is fruity and minty and very yummy. It is also a good idea to use whitening toothpaste before and after a dental whitening treatment, definitely after to maintain the newly sparkling pearly whites. At Neiman Marcus for $20.



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