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Dior Croisette: Snob or Slob?


Dior‘s Croisette bag is the perfect example of good intentions improperly executed in design. The idea is to make an oversized, edgy bag that can be used for work or play but instead is an over sized bumpy mess of harnesses, studs and hardware.  I picked this up the other day and the only thing it’s good for is building biceps cuz it’s heavy as hell!  It is also very stiff and awkward and forget it if you have long hair like me– mine got caught in the web of hardware– ouch!  The hardware prevents the calfskin from curving around your body, so important when the shoulder straps are that short and the bag that wide.  You end up walking around like you’re carrying a giant trunk full of bibles for sale.  I would have just made the harness detail along the top, middle or bottom of the bag, not the entire thing.  I find that a little goes a long way when it comes to studs.  $2,550 at Bergdorf Goodman (hello!  expensive!). What do you think, Snob or Slob?



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  1. Slob

    No further comment, I think you covered it all. I wish someone would make a studded bag in the high end range that doesn’t look cheap or like crap.

  2. It reminds me of the one idea that Luella woman ever had – do I mean her? – with the network of strapping, except that this has studs on it. Studs is a trend that may not last, so I think that you have to make it young and funky, not appeal to the investment bag market.

    On the plus side, I like the model’s make-up. I can never get my eyeshadow to look like that.

  3. i like it. i think it sits prettily on the prim yet badass line. but i agree that in this photo it doesn’t work. this is a bag that works with the right outfit. you could wear a dark navy fitted skirt suit and be ultra dignified with slightly raucous shoes and then this bag. or jeans, flats, casual and this bag. like.