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Fall 2009 Key Trends

Want to stay on trend this Fall?  Check out the four key trends for the season– 1. Metallic, 2. Rock-n-roll, 3. Classic, 4. Exotics!  And there is nothing wrong with shopping your closet first for these looks!

1. Shine on— metallic has a long shelf life and will not be going away anytime soon. 


L: Anna Vince Deco Clutch

$223,C: Michael Kors Metallic Tote $695, R: MK Heidi Satchel $1,295




Left: Rebecca Minkoff Metallic Nikki Hobo, Right: Botkier Metallic Rio Tote

2. Rocker chic: Think studs, chains, zippers and anything that is Pat Benatar worthy!


Left: YSL stud Easy bag 14″X9″ $2395 (email Eddie Curtis!), Right: Gucci metal studs clutch $1,490.

3. Ladies First — For our classic snobs, anything framed, draped and pleated will suffice!  Double points for bows.


Left: Valentino Vertigo Satchel $1,995,Right: Y-Bow Suede Bowler $1,695

4. Exotic fever– Last year’s python, croc or ostrich will work but if you crave something new there are plenty of styles to go around, even embossed versions!


Left: Zagliani Python Pleated Shoulder Bag, Right: Nancy Gonzalez Crocodile hobo $3600



8 thoughts on “Fall 2009 Key Trends”

  1. Naturally the YSL bag with studs is the best. And the Y logo doesn´t bother at all! Actually it looks stunning!

  2. wow, the YSL easy bag with studs is cool! The logo doesn’t look as annoying with the embellished details. I also love the red valentino, classic!

  3. rocker chic amd exotics will always be in as far as i’m concerned. i love the ysl studded easy bag. i don’t think i’ve even seen studs that weren’t raised. you still get the look without the discomfort.

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