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Glowelle: The 30 day challenge

I was walking through my favorite playground, Neiman Marcus cosmetics department, a few months ago and was offered what appeared to be a mini cocktail. Never one to refuse the hospitality of NM, I took a glass. What I thought was a fruity cocktail, however, turned out to be a vitamin drink called “Glowelle“. I gagged, mostly from surprise, but it tasted bitter and really awful! I almost threw the drink back at the sales associate but remembered my manners in time to say, “thank you” before running away from her. I can’t even describe the taste but just imagine eating the most bitter yet strangely sweet drink made of perfume.

glowelle7.jpgA couple of weeks later, I purchased a surprise box at the Children’s Advocacy gala and guess what was in it?!?!  A 7 day supply of the aforementioned “Glowelle(left, $40 and it comes with a chic travel case). Great, just what I needed but hey, the money would go to the care of abused kids so I didn’t complain. I think the Glowelle box sat in my pantry for almost a month before I decided to drink it. I was feeling sluggish from a lot of traveling and didn’t want to take my pre-natal vitamins anymore (giant horse pills that made me gag plus my kid is almost 5, not exactly pre-natal). I literally grimaced as I held my nose and drank the goopy and thick concoction (they come in single serving packets to put in 8 ounces of water) and was surprised that it tasted much better than I remembered. Turns out the sample I tasted was Pomegranate Lychee (don’t get that!) and the one I bought at charity auction was Raspberry Jasmine (highly recommended!). I mean it’s still no chocolate milkshake from Dairy Queen but at least I don’t gag when I drink it. 

glowelle30.jpgI decided to do a 30 day “Glowelle” challenge ($112) in order to test its glowing skin claims and to report to you of course (it’s not just about me!).  I have diligently taken it every single day and just finished the last pack.  I feel fantastic and my skin looks, well glow-y and weirdly smooth.  Seriously though, the biggest difference for me is how I am sleeping and how alert I am during the day.  I don’t know if it’s the green tea extracts but I get a lot done each day and am full of boundless energy.  The other day I actually slept 12 hours and woke up looking like I was 18 years old.  The ingredients are full of antioxidants and vitamins that help your body purge the daily toxins you ingest.  I actually crave it now and wish I could keep taking this but my next test is to go without it for 30 days to compare how I feel and look.  I love the little packets you can take on the go– only 50 calories and you can mix straight into a bottle of water if you’re traveling.  The ready made liquid bottles are more expensive and are 100 calories.  If you were like me and got turned off by the taste, I suggest you try it again in another flavor.  The results are really worth it.  Get Glowelle here— (again, get the Raspberry Jasmine– trust me on this).

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  1. great review, tina! very thorough. i’m not sure i want to try it, but i liked reading about it. however, i think it’s unfair to show an after shot of your perfect glowing skin, because from every picture i’ve seen, your skin *always* look like that :p

  2. I have to agree with kamo, it’s unfair because your skin always looks great. I am tempted though. Will check it out at neimans or sephora this weekend

  3. Err I got this at Bergdorf and tried the Pomegranate Lychee and agree that it is not drinkable..wish I had tried the other one!

  4. Aww, so nice of you all but seriously I do look better with this glowelle stuff. I’m kind of addicted now. May not stop. It’s my only source of vitamins right now.

  5. Wow this sounds amazing. I think I’ve seen them whenever I popped in at Bergdorf, but assumed it as those fraud beauty drinks.The skin factor is great but I’m mostly intrigued by the sleeping pattern and the effect it had on your work potential. Can this be an all around energy drink too? I must try it out, especially now that I’m so sluggish from the summer heat.

  6. I tried the seven day packets in raspberry and I really enjoyed it. I think I noticed a difference after only a week. I can’t afford to buy purchase it, I wish it were half as expensive and I might justify it. It’s a product of Nestle.

  7. I got the 7 day pack w/ my Beauty Fix, in the Raspberry flavor. I have yet to re-try it after the initial disappointment of the first pack. While not totally disgusting, I wouldn’t exactly call it appetizing either.

    Not to mention the cost- I have to imagine that a good multivitamin would help just as much w/out the stinging price tag. I’m looking forward to your opinion after you go another 30 days without!

  8. So, Tina, this was a reveiew that really intrigued me. I know it has only been a half a month since you have been off, but how has your energy level been? I must add, unlike vitamins taken in pills, anything in a liquid form gets to the blood faster and doesn’t need to be digested. I would also imagine that I wouldn’t eat the equivelent to 25 tomatoes or ingest that much selenium. I will need to try one tomorrow while at NM. I am a bit worn out lately!

  9. I received a sample packet of the Glowelle Pomegrante Lychee Flavor in the mail and I was in the process of trying it. Then I smelled the bottle and thought I was going to throw-up, however, I did not. Then I came to the internet to see what people are saying about this drink, because I thought someone has played a bad joke on me. I am not able to drink the full packet in one bottle I am going to try to split mines between two bottles and add a little lemon juice and see if I am able to get it down. In the mean time I have seen some great thing about this product. I may take the 30-day challenge if I am able to keep this down.

  10. Hi, I was wondering if it is okay to drink this if you are already taking skin supplements in pill form. I take Youth Builder Dietary Supplements by Murad. Too much of a good thing – or is there no such thing?? 🙂

  11. Hi, I was wondering if it is okay to drink this if you are already taking skin supplements in pill form. I take Youth Builder Dietary Supplements by Murad. Too much of a good thing – or is there no such thing?? 🙂

  12. I have really liked Glowelle. It does not taste very good, but I have definitely noticed a difference. I wanted to try it bc I’m getting married in 3 months and wanted my face to look great. I have always had minor acne here and there and I started using Glowelle a little over a month ago and I haven’t had any breakouts and my face is dewy, has a glow, and looks great. I will only be taking it until I get married because it’s a bit pricey…..but worth it!!!!