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Jennifer Aniston’s Favorite Ferragamo


Jennifer Aniston has been sporting different Ferragamo bags lately, and now she is on the set of her latest movie, Bounty Hunter with Gerard Butler, wearing the Mediterraneo Alce Satchel. Ferragamo suits her style, not fussy, trendy or edgy. She has a true classical sensibility, nothing too exciting or snazzy but she always looks sophisticated – clean and crisp (kinda like her diet, she has a great body but she works hard for it!). This satchel is a bit too conservative, almost briefcase like, but as you can see, it does slouch to give it some charm when carried. It is always fun to funk up an old fashioned piece, you get more grit from the contrast. Distressed jeans and crazy high feminine stilettos would be perfect! Great option for those who have a job that requires strict professionalism but still want some semblance of style. At Neiman Marcus for $1650.

UPDATE: There is a gorgeous taupey beige at Saks Fifth Avenueicon. So much nicer than the black!



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  1. I actually like this bag, it has that `something´. Great for everyday wear, especially during fall and winter months.

  2. i know what you mean metscan! i like this bag too and i’m not sure why? i feel similarly about the fendi peekaboo. it’s way to conservative for me, but beautiful none-the-less. i made my cousin get it and she loves wearing it to work. of course she is a lawyer and doesn’t have the most exciting wardrobe.

  3. LOVE this bag. It will go with either the suited-up look or the rock-and-roll jeans look.

    However, it looks much smaller in real life. Anniston must be tiny as it practically looks like a briefcase on her.

  4. There are actually 3 sizes to this bag. The smallest is the one that is available at most stores right now. I just purchased the medium sized one at Ferragamo, and I would say that she is carrying the medium. There is no way the small one would look like that on her. I LOVE the bag though. Very classic.

  5. Actually she is carrying the largest they offer in this bag. 1890.00 I believe before tax. I have the taupe purple one and I love it! The pebbled leather is so rich and it’s pretty spacious. The middle sized one was a bit small to me but this larger is just right. Goes well dressy or casual. Good investment piece.