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Kumaara Antioxidant Protection with SPF15


Kumaara means “youth” in Sanskrit. Well, who doesn’t like that? But it’s not the name but the philosophy behind this line that is so appealing. Kumaara harnesses powerful ingredients from nature to get results, that is youth. All organic ingredients like goji, indian, gooseberry, bearberry and acai are known to be potent anti-oxidants that ward off the evil free radicals. The SPF 15 Antioxidant Protection cream is also a lightweight skin firming moisturizer so it is all you need for day. I have bushels of sunscreens, some with SPF 80+ but none of them are going to do a damn thing if I don’t actually use it because the thought of slathering thick gunky cream on my face, even to save me from wrinkles is simply unpleasant. This cream is not only lightweight but goes on completely matte, with absolutely no feeling of residue or oiliness. Which means, and this is the most important part of sunscreen, I am happy and actually look forward to reapplying it throughout the day. It goes on under foundation with no build up and can even go over it (sure, it does mess up my contouring and blush but that’s a small price to pay). The tube has a pump on it so is perfectly safe to keep in my bag all day long, which I do – I reapply in the car while waiting for a light. I am getting ready to do pixelated carbon dioxide laser resurfacing (will do a full story on that shortly) so it is of utmost importance that I use sunscreen religiously prior to the treatment. It says a lot that this is my sunscreen of choice for such a consequential occasion! Kumaara Antioxidant Protection, $59.95.



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