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Louis Vuitton Salutes the 40th Anniversary of the Lunar Landing

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Last night Louis Vuitton hosted an event at the American Museum of Natural History in honor of the 40th anniversary of the lunar landing. I was pumped because the invite said that Buzz Aldrin was going to be there (how cute is he along with Jim Lovell and Sally Ride in the new LV ad campaign!?). Well, Aldrin was just as adorable in person! I also spotted Whitney Port who was sporting an austere double french braid hairdo, Estelle in the brightest neon pink pumps I’ve ever seen (and sporting fall 2009 LV), and of course, Lance Bass was there. I was standing right next to him for a few minutes and, fittingly enough, he couldn’t stop talking about space, astronauts, and the exhibit that we were surrounded by (NASA original photographs, antique space toys and sculptures by Jean Larivière, and the Louis Vuitton “Malle Mars” were all set-up). The best sighting of the night however? My rabbi! I was with a longtime friend of mine at the event and she says to me “Rabbi Schneier is behind you.” Obviously I thought she was kidding — nope! I turned around and none other than my rabbi, accompanied by the French Ambassador to the United States, was giving me a kiss on each cheek and telling the ambassador that he’s known me since I was “this small!” O man. What a night!


All images from the AP


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