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Prada, Back to Basics for Fall


Prada Cervo Shine Satchelicon, $1795; Prada Classic Nappa Tote icon, $2250

Prada Soft Calfskin Hoboicon, $1550; Prada Large Cervo Antik Hoboicon, $1895

prada_theproposal.jpgAll these bags might seem pretty blah and boring but to me, this is what Prada is all about – minimalist, chic, casual, functional and good for the whole family. My first few Prada bags were actually on “loan” from my mom (some I returned!). I am glad to see Prada go back to doing the basics, it is their bread and butter and might bring them back from the precipice. Sandra Bullock sported a Prada throughout “The Proposal” and looked damn hot. The only other bag she used was an orange Birkin. Quick movie review: Good enough to watch, Ryan Reynolds is super funny and easy on the eye, my husband who hates these movies did not complain. If you are an obsessed Bag Snob, you’re probably beyond these Prada basics but for most people who just want one good bag that’ll go the distance, any one of these will do. Yeah, I know, that says a lot about the lack of personality. If I had to choose, it would be the Cervo hobo in the nude, throw it on, nothing to think about and the color pops against all the dark colors I wear.



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  1. Kelly you are right. These are all so completely blaah, but safe buys. One really does not need to do any brain work here. Yesterday bags with a today price tag!

  2. Sure these bags seem too “simple” but because you choosed “simple” colours, I have one Cervo in a fantastic colour that matches with eveything : en olive green dark at the borders of the bag and vanishing in lighter olive green in the center. The result is abolutly fantastic. Too bad that I can’t send the picture !

  3. I don’t find these “blah” at all! They are all clean and well-designed, a nice antidote to some of the overstyled yet non-functional bags out there. Too pricey, but that seems to go with the territory these days.

  4. I love all of these bags. I am so glad Prada decided to stick to what they are great at instead of trying to be trendy.

  5. @sarah, Prada does not try nor need to be trendy, THEY are trendy because everything they do is then copied by most of the others disegners, and I hope that they will not – because of the crisis – forget to be inventiv, poetic and full of humour.

  6. At first I looked at them and thought “I love them.” Then I realized I don’t actually love them – I just don’t hate them like I have many of the other recent Prada bags. I could see the cervo satchel and the nappa tote being good solid work bags, but if I’m going to spend that much money, I want something I could be a little more excited about!

  7. I think that the bags are nice and simple. However, I would have liked a couple of fun colors. Because the bags are so classic, a color would still make them wearable years from now. Not every back has to be bedazzled, loud, and weighed down with hardware. All of the junk gets to be very close to being a Kathy Van Zeeland nightmare, and it doesn’t matter how much it costs.