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Summer Fitness Tips from Celeb Trainer, Brett Hoebel

brett_headshot_thumbnail.jpgFretting about food and weight is a daily struggle — the gym is no fun (even if TV sets are built-into the exercise equipment as I’ve unfortunately learned), and Ciao Bella gelato just never stops screaming my name. Thankfully I’m not in a position where I have to shed pounds because maintaining the weight I want is difficult enough — even gaining two or three pounds is enough to make me feel self-conscious especially around all the tanned bikini-clad bodies I see around me in the Hamptons. I’m always open to tips (just re-watched Oprah’s Best Life Week: Falling off the Wagon). We all know it comes down to balanced eating and exercise, but what I liked about the suggestions given by Brett Hoebel, celebrity trainer and REV ABS DVD creator (he is best known for working with Victoria’s Secret models Doutzen Kroes and Karolina Kurkova, along with celebs like America Ferrara, Emmy Rossum, Veronica Webb), is that he takes into consideration lifestyle (we all have things we can and can’t easily give-up. For me it’s alcohol that I can and sugar that I can’t). See some of his tips below!


  • If you don’t want to cut out the alcohol completely, try switching to less caloric drink options: light beer, drinks on the rocks, and club soda instead of tonic or sugary mixers
  • Try to stay away from, what Brett calls the “White Devils” during your summer parties: sugar, flour, rice, milk, and salt. Instead use agave, a natural sweetner, whole grain rolls, brown rice salads, and Celtic sea salt as a seasoning.
  • For long, hot days eat fresh whole fruit for energy instead of drinking fruit juice. Even make smoothies using Almond Milk and fresh fruit! 


  • When all you want to do is hit the beach, it’s still important to get your workouts in. Brett has developed shorter workouts that combine strength training with anaerobic-interval training. Check-out his suggested Tri-Set after the jump!

1. Compound Lower Body
§ Start holding a dumbbell or just hands placed together (like a clap) up near right shoulder
§ Lunge with left foot forward while “chopping” dumbbell (or hands) down and across body to outside of left hip
§ Arms should remain straight during downward chop and upward return of arms to starting position
§ Without any rest period, move on to next exercise

2. Compound Upper Body
§ Single Leg Push Ups, 10-12 reps per side with moderate to challenging weight
§ Without any rest period, move on to next exercise

3. Anaerobic Interval Cardio

§ Run in place with high knees, 30-60 seconds
§ Say the alphabet: if you don’t have to pause for a breath every five letters, you didn’t work hard enough
§ REST for 60-120 second

4. Repeat routine 3-4 times total

What has helped you get in shape for summer?


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