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Teething Bracelet on Yummy Mommy


You’ve heard of wearable art, well, how about wearable chew toy? These cute and colorful bracelets for mommies are actually teethers for tots! Keep it on hand, literally, for a convenient chomp before she gets to your real jewelry or worst, your fingers! Ouch, we all know how sharp those little suckers are!! There is a slot opening on the side for easy grip on little hands. You can also use it as a “handy” reminder for breastfeeding, last feeding was on the right breast so now that the bracelet is on the left, it must be left’s turn! It comes in 5 colors with 3 embossed designs. BPA-free, bendable and does not leave bite marks. Oh Plah teething bracelets are $19.99.

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