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Temptu Air: Home Airbrushing


Anyone who reads what I write on a somewhat regular basis probably knows that I’m very self conscious about the fact that I’m so ghostly pale! I have constant tan-envy. While I’m surrounded with olive skinned-beauties basking in the sun, I’m hiding under my hat and sunglasses, my body often covered in a towel. I’m not big on the self tanners and I rarely do spray tans because either I end up looking too orange or I just feel icky and like I’m totally covered in makeup (plus when the spray tan starts to fade it can get patchy not to mention if you get it done in the summer and don’t have time to let it dry completely, it will start to melt off…). Little surprise that when I heard that Temptu was going to come out with a home airbrushing kit, I inquired immediately! This inquiry was quite a few months ago and it wasn’t until two weeks ago that I finally met with a Temptu rep about the at home kit. Temptu literally does airbrushing for ALL the stars — even guys like Robert Pattinson, Chase Crawford, and a bunch of athletes love it — it’s THAT natural looking. Ironically when I was planning on meeting with the rep, Ava, I suggested going to Nespresso, a cafe which is right by my apartment. Turns out Temptu Air’s pod system was inspired by the sleek Nespresso pods! More after the jump. 

Temptu has been in the airbrushing business for almost three decades (they’ve been used behind the scenes for Christian Dior, Trovata, Italian Vogue, W, Harper’s Bazaar…), but this kit marks not only the first time we’ll be able to airbrush ourselves in the comfort of our own home, but it’s the first time Sephora (who is the product’s exclusive carrier through the end of the year), will be selling a system like this. Yes, it’s that straightforward, small, and sleek. In fact, Sephora is so proud of this product that they will have dedicated staff members for Temptu Air whose sole job is to show shoppers how easy it is to use.


I was so excited to check the machine out that we popped it in at Nespresso and airbrushed my cheeks! Later I progressed to my entire face and seriously, it looks SO NATURAL. This is the future of makeup. No lines, no blending, no excess makeup — it didn’t even look like I was wearing makeup. That said it takes a try or two to master because you need to get a feel for how long and how much pressure should be applied. It’s easier if you try it out on a friend first.

The system works with pods (foundation, blush, or highlighters), which you can swap out (each last 1 to 2 months and they’re self-sealing). They’ve also got Retouch which is a complimentary product line that has an on-the-go conventional brush with makeup (foundation, bush, or highlighter) so you can touch up the airbrush throughout the day (though from my experience the makeup lasts all day).


The line is 100% safe, the makeup is silicone-based, there are a number of shades to choose from, and the kit which retail for $225 comes with an instructional DVD. I can just see it now, come next year our compact foundation will be as antiquated as a video cassette!

Temptu is launching online at Sephora on August 1st and in Sephora stores nationwide on September 15th.


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  1. This sounds fabulous…..did you get to have a go, do you think you have to be good at makeup and application to get a good finish?!

    And finally is it coming to the UK?!

    Hope your well Sharon and enjoying your summer…I know exactly how you feel being a pale fair skinned person, but you have to look on the bright side we will keep our beautiful english rose complection and look much more youthful than the sunworshippers in years to come!!


  2. I did get to try it out! At first it’s a little scary because you point it down and I kept worrying that it would get in my eyes. Also it’s hard to know how hard to press. It’s a lot easier if you have a friend with you that will let you practice on them first before trying it on yourself. After trying it on a friend you have a way better sense of pressure/direction (also when it hits the skin it’s wet for a second so if you do put too much you can kind of quickly spread it:)!). It also comes with an instructional DVD (haven’t seen it though). It’s def one of those things that takes a second to figure out but once you do it’s great. So much better than bronzer because you look natural. And agree with you Lottie that at least us pale ladies don’t have sun-damaged skin!

    And yes, you be able to buy it online at Sephora and then after this year’s Sephora exclusive it should be widely available:)

  3. can this be used also for professional use? does the $225 retails for the airbrush system only or it comes with the products? do you have a url that promotes this soon to be launch? let me know:) thanks!

  4. I actually e-mailed Sephora and they told me it’s not launching online till September? 🙁 Any chance I got wrong information from them? I was really hoping to purchase this ASAP since I have a big wedding in the family in the second week of August!

  5. Your info has saved me fromm making a big mistake, I’m sure. I’ve been intrigued by the great looking infomercials for another consumer brand of airbrush makeup system. But the user reviews have not been very favorable. I’m now thinking I’m glad I waited for the Temptu system to become available. Your experience has been more persuasive than the expensive “show” for that other brand. I’ll start to save up now for the Temptu at Sephora. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Hi, I’m getting married in a few months and was wondering can you use this all over your body or just on your face? I’m wearing a sleevless gown and would love to have an all over airbrushed tan. I hate self tanners too because they make my freckels (ok, age spots!) just look darker.

  7. I just purchased the Temptu through QVC and expect it to arrive this week. I had gotten another brand airbrush on HSN but sent it back because it clogged after just 6 uses (and I had cleaned it after each use!). The Temptu technology looks much more user friendly. There are no parts to clean because the parts are in the Pod and the Pod gets replaced when its empty. I’ll let you know how I like it.