Alexander McQueen Houndstooth



Everyone slips up once in a while, even the great ones perched high in fashion kingdom. But when they fall, they fall even harder than others.  I love my Alexander McQueen houndstooth fitted jacket, it looks almost exactly like this bag.  Which makes me think this is one of the sample jackets spruced up with a bit of patent leather trim.  The entire bag is puzzling, what’s with the cone shaped bra like bottoms?  A tribute to Madonna?  Some people like the idea of wooly fabric bags, but the contrasting pattern is dizzy and distracting not to mention EXPENSIVE– $2,000 for left over scraps of fabric!?!?  A major thumbs down in snob world.  Check out Alexander McQueen Houndstooth Tote here.


12 thoughts on “Alexander McQueen Houndstooth

  1. This one is bad, I mean really.. I won´t even starting listing why. But then again, isn´t A McQ famous for presenting odd stuff every now and then. And this bag is now.

  2. Kid Blast on said:

    I love A McQ. This however looks like the little bundle a hobo would carry on the end of a stick.

  3. disaterous. enough said.

  4. Anonymous on said:


  5. its so bad that it’s laughable….MAJOR slob to the point of being a piece of garbage!

  6. So agree. It’s like a reconstructed artifact post mid-air collision.

  7. i saw the black leather version of this and it wasn’t half bad. This however is a little over the top. I was thinking about getting the bag but at 2300? I think it will wind up on a sales rack somewhere. NO?

  8. dcsurfergirl on said:

    It’s sort of cute in a retro 1980s-early 1990s way. That price is insane–MAYBE $200, not $2000.

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  10. The bag is nice, but it’s quite old model and too much expensive….! I don’t want to spend that much money for this bag, many choice out there we choose from!

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