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Bamford Body: Luxury Skin Care


I just discovered Bamford Body and am totally obsessed with its products. It is a completely organic line, an extension of the Bamford RTW / Accessories collection that’s based in NY. The collection ranges from bath & body products (shampoo, conditioner, body wash) to even body oil, massage oil, and baby products. I used the Botanic Body Wash Eucalyptus along with Botanic Shampoo and Conditioner in Eucalyptus yesterday and I smelled like a walking zen spa all day! The scent is calming and kept me from going nuts as I had to deal with a couple of crazies.

The visionary behind the brand, Carole Bamford, has brought a sense of taste and truth to the world of organic, from sustainable food with Daylesford Organic, to the simple authentic beauty and style of the women’s, men’s and home ware collections. Bamford Body is the natural extension; a collection centered on what goes onto your body, as well as inside.

Like all Bamford Collections, this range has combined the design aesthetic and the sensual appreciation demanded by the luxury sector with the passionate belief that organic and natural products are better for you and the environment. These entirely natural products for bath, body and baby are the epitome of modern luxury. 

Check out the entire Bamford Body line here at Barneys!



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