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Blush B-Lush Bags


The Brits have a strange sense of style at times, so strange that it’s beyond my comprehension.  Perhaps it’s the British homage to Pocahontas for saving Captain John Smith in 1608.  Still, ugly beyond reason.  Am I missing something here? All of my research come up with sites that quote how rare and amazing these god awful bags are and how difficult it is to find them. Note to Blush B-Lush— please, keep hiding, I don’t want you any where near me. Even the name is strange, sounds more like some sort of cosmetic brand pushing soap bombs. But I’d like to remain open minded so please enlighten me if you love these bags!  See BLUSH B-LUSH – SMALL STUDDED FRINGE TOP HANDLE here and BLUSH B-LUSH – LARGE FRINGE SHOULDER BAG here.




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  1. Oh dear – I thought that the Alexander Wang Bianca Vest Bag was one of the most hideous bags I had ever seen, but obviously I was wrong.

  2. First time on the sight and have to say I find watching bird poop dry more inspiring.Tina you need to try to get some exposure out of your tiny brain washed gene drop you are clearly in. Get off the mind numbingly beige and soulless tick you are on and exspand your horizons. Define “open minded”to me as after you’re blistering rant on some of the funkiest boho bags on the market you seem to be angry with Blush B-lush on a personal leveal for some reason and least of all things” open minded” . If you’re defining your inspiration to create this benign dibble was Prada!!!! Then it is hopless and I rest my case. Good luck little Stepford disciples. If you are using Tina as some sort of barometer of style then God help designers every were. If Tina had her way we would all be waring little square boxes that do as much for our freedom of creative expression as Botox.